ARBOR-atic, MUPPET-tastic, SHIP-notic--Hold On To Your Hats, Gamers, It's BADGE DROP #3!!!

Hold tight to your hats, Summer Gamers, because we here in Badge Drop Headquarters are about BLOW YOUR MINDS.

Do you have ANY IDEA what's in store for you guys? Can you even begin to comprehend the sort of AWESOMENESS that we're about to lay on you? We've watched you guys blow this game out of the WATER this year, racking up the points like they're currency (WHICH THEY WILL BE), and we've decided that such unbelievably diligent badge-hunting deserves a reward. Not just BRAND NEW BADGES, which we've spent all week polishing up nice and shiny, just for you, but with TWO COMPLETELY BRAND-SPANKING NEW BADGE SERIES!

I know, you're probably all shouting, "FOR US? Why, you shouldn't have!" But we did, so get into it!

2015 Badge Drop #3

This week's delicious, home-cooked badge menu brings you your daily recommended doses of BEARS, SQUARES, and BOATS, along with double-helpings of ARBOR AWESOMENESS. And, of course, two NEW badge series with all the fresh 90's and LEGO nutrition you need to knock the SOCKS off the Summer Game this week.

If you're just getting started or have no clue what this post is about ("What is a badge? What is the Summer Game? What maniac is making all of these food metaphors???") just pop on over to our getting started page to (you guessed it) GET STARTED!

And before you dive in, here are few more Summer Game Nutrition Facts:
Swing by the library's tent at TOP OF THE PARK on Sunday to watch the Alphabet Rockers in action, get scads of points, and play DIAG GNOSIS! This is the VERY LAST WEEK to play the game so don't miss it!
And don't forget to STOCK UP those points because the opening of the SUMMER GAME SHOP is barely 11 DAYS AWAY!

Now that I've gotten you guys (and myself) all hungry, feel free to DIG IN to those brand new badges!

We'll see you same time(ish) next week with more and...THANKS FOR PLAYING!


The first hint for the Spongebob Badge gives the answer. And the clue for the code gives the hint.

Thanks for the heads-up, Sharmas! Should be fixed now!

Great! Also, the clue after the code doesn't exactly say what we should be looking for.

I'll have to start on these tonight!

The final code is showing for the Keel-Vasa badge.

The Edifying Etymologies badge was fun. I hope you'll have more of these.

Is there a problem with the second code in the queens of crime badge?

In the second part of the Old West Side badge, it says to cross Pauline at the marked crosswalk and head South on 5th, but I think you mean to say to go North on 5th (to get to W. Davis). Thanks for the fun!

I just completed the Queens of Crime badge. What kind of problem are you having?

Has anyone found the code for the bonus code on Men of their Word? I've been searching and searching and can't find it. The sticky black goo that can be used to hold stones together.

@AprilCDB that's only one part of what you need to search for to find the bonus. Give the clue another read, and then figure our what it's combined with and what the resulting product is called. That will give you the keyword to search on for the bonus.

I have searched that way. I'm guessing it's an A word, but that word doesn't seem to work. I've tried numerous other words as well, including a 3 letter word, none of them work.

@Zekicmom, I can find the right translation on Amazon, so I know it exists, but can't find it in the library catalog. Since you've got it, I know that I'm just missing something obvious, which helps. Thanks.

My favorite badge so far is dial d for dexter.

To all the gamers out there,
I am working on the "Men Of their own Word" badge and I am having great trouble finding the third codeword. I have pluged the anwser several different ways to no avial. I am hoping some of you out there may soem more clues to help me out.
thanks so much for the help

I am having trouble finding the fourth code of the Shipshape badge. I am not quite sure how and where to find the NTS number. Any hints? Thanks!

When I entered the third code for men of the world, I got the points and the typical message that I had the right code, but a next hint was not provided!!

I found the right combination by describing the answer in terms of something related to an airport -- hope that helps


You need to search on a 2 syllable word. The first syllable is the black sticky stuff. The second syllable comes from the word your searched to solve the badge clue.
Good luck :-)


You can always update the badge description from the badge list and find the clue and hint there. Hope it helps.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on two badges right now and I need hepl finding the codewords for both,
1) I am having great trouble finding the final clue for the "Men of their word" badge

2) I am also having trouble finding the second code word for the SpongeBod badge

I am hoping some of you gamers out there could help me with some more clues to help me out.

Thanks so much for the help

I'm having trouble with the third clue for the Keel Vasa badge. I've found the last name and country he came from, but searching resulted in 390 items. Any clues on how to whittle that number down?

Found it, thanks


Are you sure you found the correct last name and country where he was born? When I searched his last name and place of birth, I only got one result. (HINT: The last name and country both start with "F")

I am having difficulties finding the first code for the Men Of Their Word badge. Any hints? Thanks!

Is anybody out there having trouble downloading todays Download of the day like I am


It's something that's done to all milk sold in Michigan. (I'm pretty sure it's required for all the milk here, but that's not entirely the point.)


No, I just tried it and it worked fine.

Thanks, sharmas. I had the right last name, but wrong country.
Got the badge now.


Thanks! I found the name of the guy who perfected it!

For the bonus code of the Men of Their Word badge, once we find the name of the sticky black goo, do we search it in the catalog or type it in as a code?


You search it, I believe.

Ugh. Totally stuck on 2nd clue for SpongeBob. No clue what the hint means. I can find the appropriate episode and the health inspector, but what am I looking for? Any pointers greatly appreciated.

@sharmas for the 4th ShipShape clue I got it by finding the latitude and longitude of the town from Wikipedia and then finding a tool that converts that to the National Topographical System coordinates. (I'm guessing there's an easier way but the NTS number seem pretty arcane.) Remember you then have to directly enter the NTS coordinates as the clue.

@mjanen, I had some difficulty too, but I finally decided it must be one of the Captain books that kept coming up and decided to just search the catalog for that particular Captain and go through them until I found the right one, it worked. Think about what toddlers are working towards wearing when potty training... That's your Captain.

@sharmas, search the catalog


I know! Spongebob gave me so many troubles! If you found the episode then you know the name of the patty, right? Search that word along with the keyword from the hint.

Wowser. I steadfastly avoided all those as irrelevant. I actually read that series at one point. Don't remember any fried foods and thought I was looking for a cookbook. Go figure. Thanks for the help!

Having trouble with the second clue in the Spongebob badge. When I type the anwser in the catalouge I get four boos but no codeword. I am wondering if I am typing in the name the wrong way or if I have to type in the lyteral name to find the codecode word.

Having trouble with the second clue in the Spongebob badge. When I type the anwser in the catalouge I get four boos but no codeword. I am wondering if I am typing in the name the wrong way or if I have to type in the lyteral name to find the codecode word.

"When I entered the third code for men of the world, I got the points and the typical message that I had the right code, but a next hint was not provided!!"

Yeah, ditto, that needs to be fixed. But if you want to go ahead, note that it's still guessable just from the hint provided in list with the badge description.

(But: having done that, the badge summary is showing me as having missed the 3rd and 5th codes, even though I found both (and I'm pretty certain both are correct).

@Lmd3577 just check the Captain books and you'll get there. In retrospect I now know where the "fried finger food" part of the hint was pointing, but I don't think many people will guess or notice. Just look at the Captains until you get there. Then it *might* make more sense, but the clue is confusing IMHO.

I am still having trouble finding the fifth codeword for the Man of Word badge. this is a tough one and I have googled up the clue given and still nothing so I am hoping some of you gamers can help me with smoe more clues to help me out.
Thanks so much for the help

Dear lLibrary Staff,

Thank you so much for all your help. You must be swamped with all the Summer Game related emails. I have not been replying, "Thank you," as I thought it would add to your work pile. So,


Sincerely, sara


The hint for the fifth code says something about "The Gunpowder Plot." Realize that these words are capital, so they must mean something. (The Wikipedia page will help you find this one)
Another hint; each clue after the code says the word "guy" a lot. Search this up on Google to find the "guy's" full name.
Hope this helps!

Yay! More badges! Can't wait for the shop to open.

Is something wrong with the West Side Wanderer badge? We found and entered all the codes, but it doesn't show up that we earned the badge.

I just finished the Keel-Vasa badge, and I want to stand up and applaud the pun-inshly funny last search and code. I laughed out loud. Well played, badgemaker! .whistles and cheers.

@amy, try clicking on the badge, either above or from the badge page to see the progress recorded for you. You may be able to figure out if something is missing or went wrong from that. If that doesn't help, I suggest using the 'contact us' form with all the information you have about the issue. I am sure it will be cleared up regardless of what the problem is with a little patience and persistence.

Edited to add: I have not yet worked on it or entered any codes, but having now looked at the badge detail page for the West Side Wanderer badge, I'd say there is definitely something not working right. The detail lists only 1 criteria to earn the badge and there is no code list of ?????s below with hint links. I suggest using the 'contact us' function if you are an adventurer who has entered the codes, and I'm sure it will be looked into and fixed.

I also completed the West Side Wanderer badge, but did not get it. It shows 0 people have completed it. :(

Hello west side wanderers! There was indeed a glitch in the badge! I have fixed it and was able to award the badge to myself so once you trigger another action in your account you should all see your badge :) Thanks for your patience and alerting us to this! Hopefully many players out exploring the west side and Cobblestone on this gorgeous day :>
- erin

(But: having done that, the badge summary is showing me as having missed the 3rd and 5th codes, even though I found both (and I'm pretty certain both are correct).

((Correction: actually it turns out I *didn't* have the right code for the 3rd and 5th questions. In both cases a slightly different search can get you a very similar response from a different question (possibly from a previous year), so you just have to keep looking.... Badge completed now. But that's confusing.))

@mjanen Which tool did you use to convert the coordinates into the NTS number? The websites that I found don't work.

I cannot for the life of me find the first code for the fozzie bear badge. I have found the name of the person, but can't find anything, even when I narrowed down the search to only books.


When I searched the person's name, the book was the first result. Remember, the book you are looking for
is in Portugese.

Yay! Excited to see new ones.

Aarg! We just got home from the Top of the Park with the kid band (Alphabet rockers, I think?) and I just realized we missed the very last code with the two thumbs up! We have the other 5. Anyone want to give me a hint on what that last code was? Thanks in advance!

I am just now working on the Edifying Etymologies badge. I found what seems to be the third code, but
(a) it doesn't show up as found in the badge detail, and
(b) it didn't give me the next clue.
So confused! Any help? Apparently 85 people have already figured it out, so I must be doing something wrong...

@camelsamba, did you search for the type of road construction the guy invented? When you figure it out, you need to enter that type of road and the word 'road' in the catalog. Only one thing shows up for the search when you get it right. I am guessing if it didn't give you a clue or show up, you entered something wrong or maybe you found an old code?


I'm not quite sure what's going on because when I typed in the code, I got the clue and the points for it. Are you sure you found the right code?


I don't feel right just giving you the code in a comment, but I'm sure if you email the library through the "Contact Us" option and tell them you sending them a virtual 2 thumbs up, they would give you the code. They've always helped me when I've copied something down wrong or have some other minor mistake.


You probably found the bonus code. I found that one first when looking for #3. Keep looking for the guy's road thing (it comes from his name).

@amythomas, i did search for the type of road but didn't include "road" in my search. I found a book that had a 2015 code, but perhaps it goes with some other badge! I will try again with your hint. I did manage to find #4 and #5 just going from the ???? hints, so this is all I have left now.

ETA: thanks, that did it! Turns out the one I found before is the bonus clue for the badge.

@SBNB, thanks for the confirmation - Amy's hint got me there, and yours reassured me that i had found the bonus code before. Glad to know I'm not the only one who got led down that garden path!

@amy thomas

Hey Amy! Go ahead a shoot us a message through Contact Us, as Zekicmom said, and we'll send you the code! Thanks for stopping by TOP to play!


So I had this same problem:

I found what seems to be the third code, but
(a) it doesn't show up as found in the badge detail, and
(b) it didn't give me the next clue.
So confused! Any help? Apparently 85 people have already figured it out, so I must be doing something wrong...


The code you entered for question 3 is actually the bonus code for the badge. There is another answer for question 3 and once you find it, you'll get the hints for the question 4.

to all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on two badges right now and I need help with.
1) I am working on the "Shipshape" badge and I am having trouble finding the second codeword for the badge
2) I am also having trouble with the downtown libabry childrens reading room badge. I think I know the anwser for one of the quotes i need to know do I put the qnwsers to the quotes in a gamecode or do i search the cataloge for the codewords.
Thanks so much for the help

Hi Gamers!
We are stuck on the 4th code in the Vasa badge.
We've tried first & last name with and with out "captain." What are we missing?


1) If you google first expedition to north america and look at either of the two wikipedia results, you should find it. Don't forget the hint they gave for this one. It will confirm you have the right name. Search the anglicized last name in the catalog, and the result with the code will be there.


For the fourth code, the name is your code (it begins with an S). Type it in first and last, no captain, no umlaut (although I didn't try it with the umlaut, so I don't know if that would make a difference or not).


2) I'm pretty sure you type in the answers to the quotes as game codes.


Use Wikipedia to help you on this one. Once you find the name, type in the first and last name without "captain."

I am still having trouble converting the coordinates to an NTS number for the Shipshape badge. Any hints? Thanks!

This website lets you convert latitude/longitude or GPS coordinates for a city (which are easier to look up online) into NTS notation:

Thanks for the website @stoutr! Unfortunately, when I type in the NTS coordinates, the code is unrecognized. Any other hints? Thanks!!

@sharmas NTS is what you are looking for. I typed the lat and long from wikipedia into the webiste mentioned legalland... It gave me two NTS coordinates but one of those worked as the code.

I think I'm doing something wrong because I'm still not getting the code. Maybe I found the wrong city. The city I have starts with an "E" and ends with an "N."

I think it would be very helpful if the bonus for Men of Their Word (clue 3) said that it was a bonus when you enter the code. I was completely baffled as to what was going on until I read some of the comments here. I didn't understand why I wasn't getting the next clue.

Oops - duplicate comment.

Having a great time. Just thought the shape of the Sponge Bob square BADGE would be... well... square. :-)

For NTS code, I Google NTS and the city and got the correct code.

I am super bummed. Had every intention of going to Top of the Park last night and we had to instead deal with not one, but two crisis instead, ruining all our Summer Game plans for the day. My husband even had to call into work today to finish dealing with our crisis' from yesterday. I'm so bummed that we missed the event and didn't earn the Badge.

so excited for the new badge drop!!

@sharmas--Indeed that is not the correct city. The city I used contained two words and the second word had 4 syllables...


Yeah, I thought that would have been helpful too. But when it didn't show up and no one had mentioned an issue, I figured I just had to keep searching.

To all the gamer's out there,
I am having a great deal of trouble finding the fourth code word for the shipshape badge. i know my dyslexia is getting in the way of this one I have never been able to read or understand maps of any sort and the clue for the fourth code word is just getting me more confused. I am hoping some of you there can help me with a much easyier way to help me because I am getting more and more confused.
Thanks for the help,

I spent a frustrating amount of time on the 4th code for the Shipshape badge as well. What got me to the code was the hint the library provided about the number of characters in the code, and the suggestion of a summer gamer. They said to google NTS and the name of the town. You'll see the answer in the results, you won't even have to open anything if you've checked the library's hint and know what number and latter pattern you're looking for. As always I had been over thinking it and saw lots of tourism sites for Cape Bonavista without finding what I needed.

I hope I haven't just confused you more!

Thanks so much @mjanen! I finally found the correct city.
@Zekicmom - After finding the correct code, I realized that you actually gave the answer in your previous post...

Another question about the Shipshape badge; For the last code, I found the name of the guy and advanced searched it for a youth kit, but I still can't find the code. Any suggestions? Thanks!


If you search the full name of the man (keyword in everything) and then restrict the results to "youth", it will be in the top 10 results.