Goats, Lizards, Comics, Bears -- It Could Only Be BADGE DROP #2!

So I'm not sure if you guys noticed, but the Summer Game is going on.

JUST KIDDING! OF COURSE you noticed, we can tell because of how many of you are scoring SO MANY POINTS and earning SO MANY BADGES! 2781 players playing! 6573 badges earned!! 10,051,623 points--I had to double-check that because it seems UNBELIEVABLE, but it's TRUE! So, as a special reward for being AWESOMELY AWESOME, the Summer Game team has decided to DROP SOME BADGES ON YOU! Also, it's Friday, and we don't know any other way to be.

We've also got a change to how you get points for downloading from our catalog. When you download a book, song, album, video, pattern, WHATEVER from our catalog, you'll get 100 points for the first 10, 90 points for the next 10 and so on. So your points for downloading top out at 5500 for the season. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to ENJOY those downloads before moving on to the next one!

This week's Badge Drop has a CRAZY VARIETY of stuff for you, including little lizards, Josie's goats, and the very first Arbor Explorer badge of the year, courtesy of Summer Game player sara!

2015 Badge Drop #2

WAIT, BEFORE YOU START THOSE BADGES! We've got so much other stuff to tell you about that will make your next week incredibly COMICS-FILLED, WIKI-TASTIC, TOP OF THE PARK-RIFFIC (okay, that one didn't really work)!

Stop by the library tent at TOP OF THE PARK to begin a special game called DIAG GNOSIS!
Come to our upcoming BLOGWARTS events and help your community (and get a boatload of points doing it)!
And come to KIDS READ COMICS this weekend at the Downtown Library for classes, signings, conversations with artists, quick draws, EVERYTHING and ANYTHING COMICS.... plus untold scads of SUMMER GAME POINT! 88 codes! 8 Badges! Points everywhere you look! We'll see you there.... and THANKS FOR PLAYING!


IT'S UP!!! So excited. :) BTW, the last code for the "Classic Corduroy" badge seems to be showing up before I've found it - just letting you know.

Oh - also, the second clue appears to be a repeat of the first one? I'm a bit confused... :D

@ yaldah All fixed!! Thanks for the alert - clue is fixed and no gamecodes showing ;)

Fabulous! :D

to all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the points unknown badge and I am having trouble finding the second code. I have googled up what I think is the anwser to no avail so I am hoping some of you gamers out there can help me out with more clues.
Thanks so much for the help

What happened to the Spongebob Badge, I found one clue word but that is it

Completely and totally bummed that I forgot to take this weekend off for Kids Read Comics. Those of you who are going, I hope you have an awesome time! :)

How does one search for a publication place in the catalog?

look for a book published in the city with this ZIP code: 43215

hi sara,

when in doubt with the catalog, i'd just stick with a plain old keyword search. though zip codes are, of course, not in the catalog. you'll have to find the name of the city first!


LOVE the Imaginary Friend badge. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is one of my favorite shows! I honestly didn't even need to google any of those clues lol

YAY! More badges

I googled the zip code and got the anwser

Woo hoo! I'm excited to do the Cobblestone Farm badge. I love the badges that get us out to see things around the city!

Is the Downtown library back open yet?

Hey SBNB! The Downtown library IS open, regular hours!

First time to Kids Read Comics. That was definitely something different. Kinda fun, ALOT of people were there.

Irked with urkel

I have strung the two episodes together in many ways, but code is not recognized. Any hints?


To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on two badges right now and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the code words.

1) I am working on the Points unkonwn badge and I am trouble finding the second codeword for that badge

2) and I am working on the Urkel badge and I am also having a great deal of trouble finding the second codeword for that one.

I have goolged up what I think are the anwsers to no avail so I am hoping soem of you gameres out there could help me with some more clues to help me out.

Thanks so much for the help

What a great event-- the authors were all so kid-friendly and sweet about explaining their crafts. Really inspiring set of folks and a great number of fun get-to-know-the-authors events instead of more lecture-type events we remembered from last year. Looking forward to MCFrontalot tomorrow-- way to go with another awesome summer event!

Lmd3577 - I found everything I needed for the Urkel badge on the Wikipedia page for his character. I now know far more about him then I ever would have thought necessary......

I'm struggling a bit on the fourth Imaginary Friends code. I know the names to search (and I'm a big fan!) but so far I've found a whole lotta old codes from 2011 and 2013 but apparently not the one I need. My soul may be entering a long, dark tea-time of its own. Any suggestions?

I laughed out loud at your comment @Zekicmom !


Knowing nothing about Imaginary Friends was probably easier for this one. The wikipedia page that gave me the scientist's names did not give the exact names you would expect, given who they are paying homage to. Look for the scientists names as given.

Thanks @mjanen, I knew there was a flaw in my search and that was it!

I'm playing seriously for the first time this year and having SO MUCH FUN! The puns are hilarious. Thanks to everyone on the AADL staff who's working hard on making this a great experience for everyone, regardless of age. You totally rock!!

Has there been a break in the time-space continuum?! It is now Sunday morning and yet a badge has already been awarded for an event.

KCR Awards
Attend the Kids' Comics Revolution Awards at AADL on Sunday, June 21 at 2:30 PM to earn this badge!
200 SummerGame2015 point bonus when earned
This badge has been awarded to 1 players

My conclusion: the Summer Game is way more amazing than I could imagine.

A question about the Gecko Badge: I gazed upon the gecko in question Thursday and there did not appear to be a code there; the staff member advised my child that all the codes that would be posted had already been posted and that there were 10 in each branch. This, then, is a bit confusing.

Yeah! Time for some huge code expeditions! These badges will be mine! :-)

@willow its been explained to me that there are the fixed 10 branch codes (that will feed into branch explorer badges assuming the past is a guide), and that the gecko and similar happenings have codes but they are considered an event not a branch code.

As for the apparent early KRC badge award, they have to test those to make sure all is working as expected. And volunteers get codes early and often, so maybe you and I just need to volunteer for KRC next year.

Willow, the code definitely was NOT there Thursday. We were there too Thursday evening, and I checked carefully around the gecko. It is there now (we got it today). All the BRANCH codes are in the branches, there are other codes that are being released into braches throughout the summer, which are not "branch" codes, which still means multiple trips to the branches if you go early for the breach codes.

If people are still trying to figure out the string two epoxies together code, it's the name of the first real eposode with the eposode he was first in with syndication. Exactly as the two episodes are named without an and, punctuation or anything extra. Took me a few tries to get it.

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Christopher Columbus badge and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the fourth codeword. I have been googling to no avail and I am hoping that some of you gamers out there can help me with some more clues to help me out.
Thanks for the help

Look closely at the Hint - and then use Google. And remember what the clue said about the English spelling being slightly different. (But I did find the right book by searching the English spelling...)

Sadly, we missed getting 5 codes in Artists Alley, but it's enough fun to wander around, look and chat, so NBD.

However, I'm trying to enter the code for table #1, the info table, and I keep getting "code not recognized." I thought perhaps I had the penultimate letter wrong so changed that, still not working. Help?

@camelsamba please submit a 'contact us' with the #s for the codes you are missing and we'll be happy to give them to you. Some went missing, some artists hid/lost their codes etc. Anyone who was there and made a good faith effort will get their badges!

Re: the gecko/animal codes. The Leslie Science Center animal installations have always been separate badges and not part of the 'formula' to earn a branch explorer badge. The newt and gecko badges were released Friday so the game codes went up shortly before. Each branch has 10 hidden codes in the building (which were all placed by 9am on the first day of the game, June 12) and these are the codes that will be required to get the 'branch explorer' badges.' Any other codes that are added will be related to badges, or special things like the current LEGO 'Mini-Fig Yourself' art project in the Downtown Youth Department - players make their own LEGO portrait and when they turn it in at the youth desk to be hung on the wall they get a code worth 400 points.

Thanks for all the explanations about the codes!

Perhaps staff members could reconsider their wording; my son was told by a staff member that each branch has ten codes; although ten codes are there for the branch explorer badge, this phrasing is not quite accurate. Whenever the library is prepared for junior volunteers, my children are ready to heed the call of duty to library and city.

Maybe the sheets for the branch explorer badge could be marked a little differently. Maybe have a colored stamp, or some sort of logo. So, when you find 10 of those, you know you have found the correct 10 for that branch.

Curious to what the "DownloadOfTheDay" points are going to be used for, because I noticed those points don't add into the "Shop Balance."

Hey All!

I feel crazy!!! The first clue on the POINTS UNKNOWN badge is leading me nowhere. I have no idea what to search for. I've been revisiting this badge repeatedly, and I feel like I get it partly, but not the publishing company part. I advanced searched the publishers I was able to come up with in this city (@ publisher....), with the same name in the title, but my search leads to nothing. Any way to clear this one up for me?


The question is written strangely- I did the same thing. Just search for that city and state, and forget the publisher.

I am completely stuck on the second code for the "New Worlds" badge. I'm not certain how to find out the postage, or, if I do manage that, how to find the stamp they reference in the clue.
Do any of you have any advice for how I can find this code?
Thanks so much!

Thank you for an amazing KRC weekend!

I am having some problems finding the fourth code of the Imaginary Friends badge, even though @mjanen had given a hit earlier. Any other help?

@ yaldah

Search first class postage in the year the statue was placed. An image of the stamp popped up when I searched. Good luck!

@sara I was having the same problem as @yaldah and I tried what you suggested, but an image of the stamp did not pop up.


There was also a photo of the stamp on Wikipedia . I looked at the new beta version of Columbus.

I'm stuck on the coastal waters clue of the badge. Any hints?

@sara: Thanks so much for your help, I found it! :)

Thanks @sara! The Wikipedia page gave me the picture of the stamp.

Re: Branch Explorer Badges etc. The way that we 'point' players to additional gamecodes at the branches are when new badges are released each week. The Branch Explorer badges haven't been released yet so I'm not sure what "sheet" is being referred to in keeping track of them (unless a player prints out the badge page)? At the annual Kids Read Comics event (this past weekend) we do have a paper form to keep track because it's a very large, 2-day event, and since so many codes (50+) are available it necessitates an organized way to keep track. Once the Branch Explorer Badges are released (likely this Friday) it will be very easy to keep track of the codes you have and clues and hints will help locate the missing ones.
- erin

THank you! @sara

Haha! The stamp one I got a code and badge from 2011 game! To funny! Still working on figuring out the 2015 stamp code, but thought this was funny 'cuz it was my first try and when it worked I thought wow, first try! But then I realized it was from FOUR years ago!

Yikes, so I accidentally rated a movie under my son (activated player). I went into his account and deleted the 50 points. Then I went back to the movie, and it didn't award points to me because it thinks I already rated the item. Lesson learned, if you accidentally rate something under another player, you can't undo it without completely losing the points.

Completely stuck on the New a Worlds badge fourth code. No clue what the clue or hint is trying to tell me. Please help.

to all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the Points unknown badge about Christopher Columbus and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the codeword for the fourth clue. I am dyslexic so I think that is why I am having so much trouble finding the codeword. I have googled up info about Christopher to no avail. I am hoping some of you out there can help me out with another clue that might be eaiser for me to decifer.
Thanks so much for the help

Help with 4th Columbus Clue Please!

Has anyone gotten this badge? If so, please help. Or perhaps the library could rephrase the clue so that the thing we are looking for is clearer.

@Lmd3577, I don't think being dyslexic is why you're having so much trouble as I am not dyslexic and have no clue what they are asking. I feel like the clue and hint they are giving is going in circles and makes no sense whatsoever.

Are we all just getting to this badge? The Columbus Badge is Wicked hard, the 4th clue is so cryptic, even my husband who doesn't play sat trying to figure it out with me for hours last night! The hint? Debaser? WHAAAA? My computer is going to freeze from all of the tabs open to research this and keep track of all my attempts to figure this out.

says 46 players have completed the Chris Columbus badge, so there are 46 people either smarter or luckier than us. I feel like I'm on the right track, but my searches keep coming up empty.

I did finally figure it out...don't lay off that hint. Study that result for all possibilities. I am #47! lol!

Oh dear, I'm stuck again. I can't seem to get anywhere on the fourth "New Worlds" code - I don't even know where to start.
If anyone has any advice for me, that would be wonderful!
Thanks so much! :)

Wow¡. So many badges. I need Lydia‘s help.

still don't know, something do with some some song lyrics, but still getting nothing

I am also having a hard time finding the fourth code of the New Worlds badge. I am looking at the clue in different perspectives but I am not able to find it.

@ Library Staff

Are you there? It's me, Sara.

Could you help us with the 4th Columbus Clue? So many people are stuck on it.


Why does the Spongebob Badge only show up on the SummerGame2015 Game Badges list and not on the Badge list?

Guys, you all forgot about expert badges! They're hard! But I swear it's all there for New Worlds and there are 3 different ways to approach this:

-Did you figure out the country? What might make a region significant to a guy who went on a historic voyage?
-Coastal Waters is capitalized and that usually means something.
-What might you be if you wanted to grow up to be, be a debaser?

I'm hesitant to give more because I don't want to take away the whole puzzle. We're up to 50 players! Keep plugging away!



By "sheet" I was referring to the sheet of paper that the codes are printed on. Example, there are 11 codes up at Pittsfield branch right now. If I didn't read a comment on it, I would have not realized that the Leslie Science Center code wasn't a branch code. All I was recommending is to mark the sheet of paper that the codes are on in a way that people know it's a branch code. Like numbering them 1 of 10, 2 of 10, and so on. Or, mark the sheets of paper the codes are on with a special stamp or logo. OR, instead of saying, "This event's code is" maybe say "This branch code is." And, not everyone has a smart phone, or carry their passwords to login at the library's computers, so not everyone will be able to check to make sure they have all the codes before leaving the branch they are visiting. But if the codes are marked, it would be easier.

NEW WORLDS badge 4th clue pointers.

To those struggling, I understand how this one is hard. Somehow it just worked for me. I got stuck on much easier clues. That said, this is an Expert badge and I appreciate that that designation seems meaningful this year. (Last year I found the beginner badges to be some of the hardest.)

Okay some pointers: "There's a song on here" ['here' refers to the songs on the result of the previous clue--hint the song word is often paired with a citrus fruit] "whose name seems to refer to a particular region of a particular country'" [don't forget all you want from this sentence is the COUNTRY to use--Google if unknown] "I don't know if Columbus ever visited this region, but I know of another that he definitely did." [hard to tell what 'this' refers to in the previous sentence, but it doesn't matter; there is nothing useful in this sentence. Move on.] "See if you can figure out the country and then look for a book about a different region of it where Columbus spent some time in Coastal Waters!" [So capitalized things should often go in Google search terms. Take the capitalized words (not Columbus) in the previous sentence and add your COUNTRY and hit Google up. You'll be looking for a book. Don't bother with Wikipedia; I think that's what the weird sentence was hinting at. Just look for the region in the title of a book. Then hit the AADL catalog using the region name from that book (that is unrelated to Mr. Columbus.).]

Hope that helps without being overly directive...

Hey, I just found the fourth "New Worlds" code! It was actually way easier than I thought. :)
But now, of course, I am stuck on the final code. I actually thought I had found the name - C*******n - but I must be wrong. How can I find the correct name?
Thanks, everyone, for all your help!

Thanks so much @mjanen and @andrewjmac!! I was finally able to figure out what the fourth code was! :)

ok, that got it for me, but only with the help of a friend. The hint is what got me the closest. I did have the country, but had to many hits on the country alone to find it.

IMO, the hint is the way to go. If you search the catalog for the country and the region, it's in the top 10. Try not to over think the hint. I think that was my problem because I'm unfamiliar with the region and was searching in a more complicated way than necessary.

Thank you mjanen!!!!

Got it in one after reading your post!

@ tshaw! Ahhhh! Now I totally understand and this is absolutely a good idea - thanks so much for clarifying! We're going to be 'switching out" the branch gamecodes with ones in color so great idea!
- erin

The clue for the second columbus code is pretty much useless since it gives no new or helpful information/guidance.

To all the summer gamers out there,
For the points unknown badge are we looking for a country in one of the four travels of Columbus and if so which voyage because I think I have it figured out but I still need to know which voyage.
Thanks so much for the help

KCR this was super fun! Next year will have to go both days and bring more cash :) Everyone was super nice and has such amazing talent!

Ok, after being thoroughly annoyed at having to sift through piles of old stamps (and according to the information I found, the price was changed halfway through that year, so it's lucky I chose the right amount to search for), I have to say that the rest of the columbus badge was a piece of cake. Time to tackle another one.

@ erin

Sorry I wasn't clear earlier, Erin. Have a lot on my plate right now and have only gotten between 4 and 5 hours of sleep a night for the last two weeks. My mind is a little foggy. Last year, our first year playing the games, me and the kids had to go out to three of the branches twice to get codes we missed (not a big deal because we went back when there were events we wanted to attend--like ice cream making ;). I love that you guys went to a fixed number for all of the branches to eliminate that problem for summer game players. But, thought I would give you that suggestion to try and help eliminate any confusion anyone else might have when hunting codes. It wasn't until the end of the games last year that I realized you could click on the badges to get clues on how to earn the codes.

Thank you (and everyone else at AADL) for all of your hard work to make the games so much fun!

Is this showing up as a reply

No. There is no difference between a comment and a reply.

To all the summer gamer's out there,
I am working on the points unkown badge right now. I am hsving trouble finding the fourth code word and I think I have the regin they are talking about but I am having trouble figuring if this rigion is found on his first, second, third or fourth voyage. I am hoping some of you gamer's can help me out with which voyage I should be looking for to find the codeword.
Thanks so much for the help


#1 This region is a very important to Christopher Columbus
#2 The album from the earlier clue has a song word that is a citrus fruit. Once you find it, google it up with the word country
(The answer to both clues is the same)

Hope this helps!!

Also, I am having trouble with the fifth and final code of the New World badge. Any clues/hints?

@lmd3577, wiki doesn't really help with this clue. My recommendation is to look at the hint. The region is in the song lyrics. As I recall, the result will come up with just the region.

@sharmas, for the last new world code, stick with the explorer a little longer instead of trying to explore the island itself. You're looking for the original, native name. I hope that is helpful; good luck.

@sharmas, wiki will help you. It's in the first voyage. I got one result, which was the answer when I searched the correct word.

Thanks so much @AprilCDB and @cherylo!! I found the answer on the wiki page. I have to be honest, I wouldn't have found this name very easily! It took some time to go through the page and find the original name.

So, I'm finally on the last "New Worlds" clue - and stuck again. I actually thought I'd found the original name, but I must have it wrong, because when I searched it in the catalog I got no results. The name I had is nine letters long and begins with a "C". Is this incorrect? If so, how can I find the right name?
Thanks so much!

Hi, @yaldah! The clue provided after you get the fourth code mentions a place on his first voyage that he named ---. If you wiki Christopher Columbus and page down to read all about his first voyage, the natives' name for that place is mentioned. Best of luck!

@Magicicada: Thanks! I found it. :) My problem was that I was looking at the wiki page for the place, not the explorer. Your advice told me what I was doing wrong, so thank you so much!

I am proud to say that I am now an Expert Summer Gamer - well, not really, only thanks to all the real Expert Summer Gamers who helped me - but anyway, I've earned all the catalog badges, and I'm ready for Friday!! :D

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on two badges and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the fourth code word for both.
1) I am working on "The Points Unknown" badge and I am having trouble finding the fourth codeword for the badge. I think I have the correct anwser but when I got to plug it into the cataloge I get several varring anwsers which leads me to believe that I am on the right track but I am not complety sure.

2) I am also working on the fourth codeword for the collis badge. I think I have the right anwser fot the codeword but when I went to plug it into the catalouge I got absoulty no anwser at all and it told me to look up my search on th eintra librabry websight.

I am hoping some of you gamers out there can help me out with some more clues so I can find the codewords.

Thanks so much for the help

WOW! Summer Games is really giving us a run for our...er...free. I can't express enough how cool and fun it is to see so many people on the track of learning new things! I don't know about anyone else, but in some cases just searching for one code leads me to a plethora of things I never knew about (Especially the Columbus Badge!). Thanks so much to the Ann Arbor Library for this little treat. So nice!