OH. MY. GLOB. SUMMER GAME just got rolling mere HOURS ago and already it’s off to a MIND-BLOWING start!

Over 500 of you summer game SUPER-GENIUSES have scored points and there’s some absolutely INTENSE code-hunting going on at the branches! You guys are absolutely ASTONIGHING! Seriously STUPEFYING! Summer Game WIZARDS, that’s what you are! For the past 9 hours you guys have been TAGGING, REVIEWING, LISTING, and especially COMMENTING up a storm to let us know JUST how excited you are that SUMMER GAME 2015 is finally, finally (FINALLY) here!

And we TOTALLY hear you guys! We’re excited too! We know you can’t POSSIBLY HANDLE any more suspense, so without further ado: THE FIRST BADGE DROP OF 2015!!!

2015 Badge Drop #1

That’s right, guys. Take it ALL in. The NERDY, MYSTERIOUS, BEAR-COVERED BRILLIANCE! We pretty much CANNOT wait to see just how many of you CONQUER these badges!

And don’t forget for anyone just getting started, earning those GETTING STARTED badges is a CINCH! So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET TO IT!

And of course, as ALWAYS, and until FOREVER:



Is the third code for the Paddington Badge not working?

The first badge drop!!! So excited!

Hey Sharmas,
The third code seems to be working for me — is it not awarding you points or are you just not able to track it down? Let us know and we'll try to figure out what's up.

Cannot wait to do these badges and all the ones to come!

I agree

I can hardly decide where to begin!

@mariah I was able to find it. I just searched the wrong things. Thanks though!



To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the The Game Is A Foot badge and I am having trouble finding the third game code for the badge. I have googled up the answer and I am still having trouble findign the game code. I am hoping some of you gameres out there can help me out with some more clues to help me out because I am sure having a great deal of trouble finding the gamecode.
thanks so much for the help

I'd help you, but I'm still stuck on the first game code for it...

The key is that you don't search the full name of the character. The last name is the title.

Thanks for creating such awesomeness!

This is my first year playing, and I've waited for today's badges to drop. Very fun!

I need help for the first code for Dial D for Dexter. I know what the sidekick is, but there's too many results.

Let the games begin!

so excited for this year's summer game!

Thanks! I was looking for it too.

Yeah for the first badge drop

Like a ton of bricks! Looking forward to a great summer game season.

These badges look GREAT!!!

No download of the day badge yet? I've been waiting for awhile to see it - I guess I'll have to just keep waiting.

Summer game 2015!!!
So excited to start!

Can't wait to start the game! Got a postcard in the mail that had a code :D

We are SOOOOO excited!!! And do I see a Supernatural reference? Excellent. :)

Love the LEGO guy badges.

Was hoping there would be a SPN reference since Charlie is the badge lol :)

That hurt for just a moment *sniffles*. All hail the Queen of Moons.

Game on! The kids and I are eagerly awaiting park and/or downtown badges. Time to get us outside!

I'm looking forward to the Paddington badge!

No matter what I've done, I can't find the 3rd code for the game is a foot badge. I've finished all the other ones, but I've tried and tried (and tried) to get the 3rd code, but I just can't find it.

Finally Summer Game is here!

i've already almost gotten all of the "getting started" badges, all i need is the comment concuror badge! so i need to write a comment...


I'm SUPER EXCITED about badges

Need help with last code for the cartoon badge. How is the date supposed to be entered and what exactly is meant by "original air date" since there's several different dates of when it was first viewed.

Hey AprilCDB! You're right, there ARE a couple of possible air dates, so here's a hint: the correct one is in the 2nd month of the year. Thanks for pointing that out, I'll clear it up in the badge!

Another wonderful summer game summer has just begun :)

Ok, I got that. But now HOW is the date supposed to be entered? Spelled out? Numbers only? You get different results depending on HOW you enter the date and I just can't seem to find the correct one.

Found it, finally. Spell the date out.

I'm going to win.....

Summer game just keeps getting better! LOVE IT!

Cant figure out the third code to the game is afoot badge

detective is too hard


It's there. It should be in the top 10 results.

@xiaoli zhang
Search for the second word of the book title.


Confused by the LARP!
Found the name of the group, but that doesn't work.
Found the city, but there are tons of results.

to all the summer gamers out there I am working on the Live Long and LARP badge right now and I am having trouble finding the fourth gamecode. I think I know which movie they are talking about but when I go to click on it there is a game code from a few years back so I am wondreing if this is the correct movie or should I look for another one. I am hoping some of you gamers out there could help me out by giving me some more clues so I can find the fourth gamecode.
Thanks for the help

What clue number are you looking at

Badge drop rocks.

These badges are so well done -- the searches are fun and I'm learning things too. Thanks so much!!

I love earning badges.

To all the summer gamers out there I am working on two badges right now and I am having trouble finding the code words for both,
1) I am working on the LARP one and I am having a great deal of trouble finding the fourth clue word for this one. I did look up the the movie I think they are looking for but it has a gamecode from a couple years back so I think I am look at the wrong movie so I am hoping that you can help me out with another clue for that one.

2.) and I am working on the Dial D for Dexter one and I need help figuring out the very last clue for this badge. I have done so much googling on this one to no avail so I am hoping someone could help me out with this one also.

Thanks so much fot the hlep

YAS! Can't wait to add AADL swag in my kitchen!

1. Search the name of the movie, but don't search for only movies.
2. I found this answer on Wikipedia under the list of episodes. It says specifically that it was never aired. The keyword from the clue (starts with R) is in the title of the episode.

In the earn points section it says earn 100 points for signing up, is that from when you first signed up (for me 3 years ago) or is there 100 points for signing up this year that I'm missing? I don't see a code on the reading list game piece that I picked up at the library.

Is it sad that I have waited all year just for this badge drop?

I'm having a great time looking through the available downloads, including Tom Swift novels (!!).

I was in two different branches on Thursday, 1 day too early to see any codes (alas). Guess I'll have to go back, even though Downtown (my 'home' branch) has reopened,

Looks like its going to be a long night! New badge drops!

Love the Paddington a Bear badge. He's too cute!

Can't wait to get started on these badges!

Yay for new badges! I've been looking forward to this for a few weeks :)

Yayyy! Working on badges is so fun!

I wait all winter for the summer game!! So excited to start 2015!


summer game finally started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every Summer when I start playing the Summer Game, I notice other games posted on the leader-board that I have never seen before. This year, it's: WorldHistoryQuest. I looked often for an off-season game, but never found one and assumed you had decided not to make one. Where and how are these other games published? My all time favorite game was the Streets Quest which I missed when it was happening, but tried to do after it was over- although some of the clues were gone by then. Please publish word of these off season games under summer game or events listings. I only learn about them after the fact. You could even email the Summer Gamer's to let them know.


Missing the Fun

hiphiphorray! summer game is here!

It's awesome!

Yeah, thanks. I finished the badge now.

I think I know which one you're doing. You have to go down a few results to find it. I was confused too.

Now I'm really sad.... I finished all the badges and I don't have anything to do now. Eagerly awaiting the next badge drop!

Yay for the first badge drop. Can't wait to get started!!

It worked for me...


@ sara - you didn't miss any fun, nor did any other players. The WorldHistoryQuest is a special set of badges that were just made before the game for a project that some students are working on. We working directly with their teacher to develop the badges to support their curriculum. Andrew can provide more information, but this was not an 'off season' game. Lowdown of the Day which goes hand in hand with Download of the Day was the only off-season game we debuted this year. As long as we continue to add to our download collection - which we are actively doing - there is now end in site for Lowdown of the Day.

Thanks for playing and we promise we don't HIDE fun!! :>

Will there be a scavenger hunt or some other Summer Game activity at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival this year? We love to go to the Kids Rock concerts and always look forward to seeing what else AADL has in store for us!


Thanks! I'm glad you're not hiding the fun!

please hurry with the next badge drop, i need to get more badges. PLEASE HURRY!!!!!!!!

Hi Lmd3577,

Still stuck on the LARP badge? Try searching for a group that begins with College of...

I know, I thought it was Yggdrasil at first too!

I'm doing a badge game right now, and its really fun! Try it out!!

We don't need no stinkin' badges, but we LOVE the badges! We've been looking forward to the AADL summer game for weeks! Thank you, AADL!

@Lmd3577 Still stuck on the Dial D for Dexter badge? For the last code, try searching key words like "rude" or "removed" along with the TV show name.

This is my first time playing. It's fun earning new badges and learning as I go.


I can't wait for the park explorer badges! Being cooped up inside on the computer isn't my thing, but I do admit, hunting for codes is pretty fun.

I agree--I particularly love the park badges. They have led to many discoveries of A2 parks that I'd driven by but never thought to explore. We have a great Parks dept. in this city...AND a great library system.

The World History Quest is meant to help students of the 9th grade World History classes in the AAPS high schools--though it can certainly be enjoyed without being in that class. But if you know of any students about to enroll in their 9th grade year, or who will be taking that class (regardless of what year they're in), please let them know to try it out. They'll find they've read about--and hopefully begun to actually learn--a fair amount of the content for that class by having played the game. It's in the first few weeks of use at this point, so there may be bugs to work out--please send word of anything that seems not quite right.

I teach in one of the local high schools and talked with the Summer Games folks when the idea of having a Summer Game-like means of learning was being explored. But the work of actually putting it all together was done by the Summer Game folks--big time thanks to them for having developed it!

ON EDIT: oops! just saw that there's already an answer to the inquiry about this--missed that my first time looking through the thread. Still, what's above holds true, even it's a bit redundant.