gogoSUMMER GAME 2015 has been ACTIVATED (can you hear its engine revving?), and is READY TO GO!

This year brings you:
- Simplified BRANCH MASTER BADGES. ALL codes required for these big time badges are already placed branches — so you'll have the ENTIRE SUMMER to get all the codes. Nice, right? You could even start TODAY! Though, remember, Downtown doesn’t re-open ’til tomorrow at 9am!

- 2000 POINTS for COMPLETING THE PAPER GAME (Summer Game Classic)! 1000 for the completion code, another 1000 for the badge you’ll earn!

- Plenty of GREAT NEW BADGES starting with BADGE DROP #1 coming around 5 PM today! Eeeeee!

- TOTALLY RAD PRIZES — including BIG LEGO banks, to-go tea tumblers, SUPER SPECIAL “sketch” bags (custom-designed by four cartoonists!), and of course, the RETURN of a few faves: the popular picnic blanket, quality coffee and chocolate! Plus, more, more, more…STAY TUNED!

Just WHEN will you be able to get your hands (or at least your eyes) on some of our super-stellar prizes? The SUMMER GAME SHOP will open July 7.

We’ve got a WHOLE MONTH+ between THIS VERY MOMENT and then, so you’ve got plenty of time to TAG, RATE, and REVIEW items in the AADL Catalog for points! Haven’t played before, but ready now? SIGN UP ONLINE!

Dig all this excitement, but have NO IDEA what we’re talking about? NO PROBLEM — glad you’re here! Here’s a quick video to clue you in!

Questions? Excited comments? Good/bad puns to share? Post here (for points!) or drop us a Contact Us anytime.


as always....


Thank you! Woot woot!! So excited for this year!!

Yay, summer game! The family is excited to play again.

Can someone tell me more about this goat I read about a few weeks ago? Thanks :)

Very excited! I always end up learning something, finding a new place to walk in town, and finding new things to check out! Ready, set, GO!

So excited!

So excited to be playing the summer games for the first time!

And we'e off!

It's back!!! Awesome.

WHEEEE! It's here!

How can someone already have over 5000 points on the first day?!

This sounds so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't see my referral code on my player page. Do we still get points for having new players sign up? Is our code number the same as last year? My friend is waiting to sign up so she can use my code.



So ready to play!

Looks like it will be another fun summer! Thanks, AADL!!


I love the lego themed badges. Thanks again for doing this - it is the best summer reading program EVER. :-)

So excited for the game to start! I'm really looking forward to this year's Park Explorer series.

(and I can't wait to see the prizes - a "to-go tea tumbler" sounds like something I'm really going to like.)


I was waiting (in)patiently for it to start! We love the Summer Game!

Last year was my first playing the Summer Game and it was a blast.
I now know more about the strategies and expect to earn lots more points!

We're excited for this game. My 6 year old says -- it keeps me reading in the summer!

Summer game is always a favorite of mine. Can't wait to see what great badges you've got cooking up for us. I loved the code breaking one last year.

The summer game is a fun way to read for stuff. A fun reading adventure

I love the summer reading game!!! Finally it is back!!!

Hooray! I can't wait to play!

Glad to have the summer games back. Looking forward to working on the parks badges.

hey sara!
welcome back — always awesome to see some of the super-players back in action! the game actually won't have referral codes this year, but we WILL be introducing a friending/following feature over the next few weeks that should help make up for some of those points.

so, please tell your friend to jump on in and get started, and you two can be sure to friend/follow each other once that feature is live!
thanks for asking!

Thanks you I love the summer game can't wait to play it!!

I completed some of the badges but they do not appear... Maybe I'm a bit early to the Summer Game PARTY!

the 2014 reading log is the one avaible to print out not the 2015

Can you let us know which badges? The Contributor badges (the ones that show up on the main Badges page) *should* be working at this point, but the rest will officially drop around 5/5:30, which might explain it, depending on which badges your experiencing problems with.

Everything is AWESOME! Everything is cool when you're part of a team. And Team AADL makes it even awesomer!

Super excited to start the game. Whoo hoo!!!!!

Ahh I didn't miss the badge drop after all (just woke up from nap). Looking forwards to playing!
Looks like the competition for the top will be fierce this year. Do your best everyone!
(Don't cheat on the catalog reviews ok? I saw a lot of repeated stuff last year, which is not quality reviewing.)

Welcome back from your nap, Bookbird! We're still getting a few kinks worked out, but getting closer to the badge drop! ;)

Yay! I love the AADL summer game!

How do I get 100 points for signing up? I'm looking for a code on my Reading Game Card but don't see anything. Thanks and looking forward to a fun summer of Summer Game!

It's on like Donkey Kong!

I am doing the Paddington Badge but I cannot find the third code. Is this because the badge hasn't technically been released yet?

If you've already found the first 2, I see no reason why the third can't be found.

I typed in all the keywords that the clue told me but none of the books have a code in them.

Yay!! So excited!!

My Summer Game teammates and I have been waiting for this day since last summer! Super excited!

SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everything about the Summer Game is AWESOME!!

So happy to see the SG back.

Excited to start the summer game and get the kids involved and excited too!

Love playing the summer game. My goal this year is to double my badge total from last year.

Yay! Welcome to the Summer Game! Everything is awesome!

Finally! I've been waiting since Labor Day.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

My family's been looking forward to this since the last Summer Game ended. Glad to see it back!

The long-awaited Summer Game begins!

And a good time shall be had by all.

Everything is awesome...

So excited!

Had a blast last year, looking forward to this year's summer game!

Excited to get started, get reading, and win some sweet prizes!

Love the Lego theme!

It is our favorite summer activity! Thank you!

Playing the summer game with this comment. Love AADL.

Thanks for what I'm sure will be another great Summer Game!

So excited!

This is the best game. We look forward to it every summer. Thank you, AADL!

There are over 25 one word comments Submitted by radha_sarma_sri... on Sun, 06/14/2015 - 2:18pm.

Please don't spam the comment section just to get points.

Summer game rocks!

The last Lowdown of the Day I can see is dated June 10? Will it continue during the Summer Game?


Thank you Sara, I was just thinking the same thing. I personally feel they should take those points away from that player. Maybe they can remove all those comments too, most of them say the same thing.

So Excited to get Reading this summer! Yay AADL!

BTW--heads up to anyone who hasn't yet figured this out (I only realized it last year): the events held at the library offer a LOT of points. Last year's event for those who like comics/graphic novels, and especially, for kids with that interest, was a very code-rich environment.

And it was a fun outing, too.

This looks like a lot of fun! Can't wait to start it! :)

I've never played before, but this is awesome!

Glad to hear Downtown will be open in time for summer games weekend - and next weekends comic weekend!
See you there!

Thank you AADL staff for the best summer games. Look forward to playing all summer long. My friends who belong to other libraries in the area wish their libraries had games like yours. Glad I'm part of the best summer games ever, AADL rule.

Very excited as this is my first year playing!

Remember to look up when you are looking for the library codes!

Let the games begin! Happy badge and code hunting, everyone!

Summer Game is awesome! Can't wait for the Summer Game shop to open! Hope there's some good new items this year... last year's Summer Game had cool new stuff.

Hooray for Summer Game!

YAY! I am so excited that the game has finally started! I have been counting down the days for about a month now!

So excited!

We are so excited for this summer's adventures!

I am happy to be aboard! I must earn an AADL Lego brick!!!!!


This is the fourth year in a row that I've played... :)

Very excited

I am very excited about the summer game!

Yay for the summer game!

Yeah! Very excited!

I'm having so much fun - and learning so much doing the badge codes. I'm getting excited for the Store to open - can't wait to see the prizes! Thanks for a wonderful summer project!