Lowdown of the Day: June 8

Time for today's Lowdown! Lowdown on what, you say? The Lowdown that will lead you toward the Download of the Day for one week from now. The what? The item handpicked by AADL for exhibiting superior greatness and that should be on your device so you can read it, listen to it, watch it, whatever it. It also gets you amazing DotD points just for downloading it! Why do you want to get it a week early? To get even more of those shiny, shiny points! Bonus points are awarded if you find and download the item before the week is up AND the first person to download the item gets the most points so you've got to be quick!

Got an idea but not sure how to look for it? If you are looking for a catalog download, try doing a search in the catalog and selecting "Downloads" as your material! For podcasts, visit the AADL Podcasts page and for videos the AADL Videos page! No ideas at all? Try going to our Downloads page!

Today's Lowdown is found in the Catalog:

The telle-tale sign is that this album has some of Beethoven's works considered "trifles" for violin and cello.


To all the downloaders out there,
I am having a great deal of trouble finding todays download. I have pluged in just about every anwser I can think of to no avail. I am wondering if some of you downloaders out there could help me out and give me some more clues to help me out.
Thanks for the help

Find out Beethoven's other name for trifles. starts with a B and it's something I expect form Scotland. search that and his name in the catalog

I am certainly still struggling. I believe I have the word we are looking for, and have three results, but no indication of a code so far. Unless its somehow in the zip file??

Cherylo - all download quest items from the catalog must be downloaded to get the points. You have to go to the page you think is the answer and click download - and it starts downloading. - the page refreshes for the item, and the points banner appears. It's not in the zip file, its an automatic thing.

As for the clue itself - how I got to it - the logic wouldn't make sense to others because I played chamber music and relied on that as a starting place.

I don't think you need to know that much about music to find the album.

Maybe it because I'm trying to do this on Android devices and not a PC, but none of the download links seems to work to make the magic appear. I'll try at my desktop at some point

I found some downloads using my (Android) phone, so it should work. I'm sure you have the correct answer (I checked and yes it results in 3 result).

Apparently I had gotten that particular one. Somehow I didn't see the message awarding the points. All figured out now.