SUMMER GAME 2013: Game Over!

game over!game over!

TIME IS UP PLAYERS! Summer Game has been turned off for 2013 and will be back on June 13th, 2014.

The SUMMER GAME SHOP will stay open for orders through SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15th, and any unused Summer Game points will roll over to next Summer's Summet Game Shop. Orders will be held for you until OCTOBER 11, 2013, after which they'll be returned to stock if not picked up.

If you have any questions, comments, or need any help transferring points or last-minute mishaps, just contact us and we'll get you set.

For now, Team Summer Game is going to take a little break, then stay tuned for some new features for Points-o-matic, and keep checking for the upcoming off-season game DOWNLOAD QUEST!

To all our amazing players, with all our hearts....



this is heart breaking :))

Thank you! Summer game is one of the highlights of my year, and I love the conversations I get to have with staff and other patrons because of it. You are all wonderful.

I'm looking forward to the new game. Until then, rest well: you deserve it!

Thank you so much for the AWESOME game this summer! I'm looking forward to the off season game:)
I wish Team Summer Game a nice relaxing break, and I thank everyone for playing the game with me.
Summer Game is the best part of my summer.....

Thanks so much for giving your time to give us something fun to do over summer break! I really enjoyed looking through the catalog for codes

Thank you for another amazing summer game. I can not wait until next summer for another great summer game. The rest of the year is going to seem very long but I can't wait until the quest game because it does make the year go by a little faster. So once again thanks for another amazing summer game.
Thanks for the fun,

What a great game! It is fun to have all these AADL things.

My visiting mother remarked on what a great library AADL is, after seeing and hearing about all the unusual items we have borrowed lately; she was overheard marvelling at the frisbees from the library. Luckily she did not see all the other AADL items. Incidentally I greatly enjoyed using my picnic cooler. Very nice and stylish. My picnicmates were delighted at how cold it kept things.

I have some of the orange messenger bags from last year and am not sure they will last much longer. Are the cotton ones sturdier than the two green ones this year? Anyone have any advice about this?

Thank you Summer Game Staff for another fun-filled year of Summer Reading! I thoroughly enjoy the Summer Reading game every year and will look forward to next year's game. I felt a little bereft Friday night and Saturday with no new badges to look for. Heh. Thanks for all you do to make the game fun for everyone!

The prizes this year have been awesome as well. I love the picnic cooler and blanket. I've even taken to using the picnic cooler for my lunch box because I can fit a frozen meal in as well as fruits and veggies and it all stays nice and cold. :) My 6-month-old niece is loving the little S.G. Puppypants guy. :)

Thank you! It's been a blast. :)

For the entire summer, I haven't played this at all, but I still have about 150000 points to spare from last year. Is the secret shop still on?

No secret shops, but I believe you can spend those points in the regular shop.

@Willow -- the cotton ones are pretty sturdy, but the deluxe messenger bags are very sturdy and will probably last a whole school year. Plus they are bigger. The cotton ones are a little small.

Hi players. Does anyone happen to be playing Ingress? I play as cherydactyl.

Hey, check out this Kickstarter Library Ranger project from the creators of Unshelved! It might be a great addition to decorating your library canvas messenger bag.

Any word yet on the off season game?

maybe it's so big that they need an extra month...

Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing...

Me too!

Me three

me four!

Any updates on Download Quest? People are definitely getting excited to start playing based on all the comments.

We should be patient and let the staff create and fully debug everything first....

Hi all. I just wanted to come in and say I would love to have any update to the off-season plans, if any. It's the uncertainty more than the waiting.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something else to do and you have an Android phone, Ingress is now in open beta, no invite needed ( I play there as cherydactyl. It does involve being out in the world, walking around, just so you know.

I'm starting to think there will be no offseason game this year. I loved Streets Quest, and was one of those who finished. If it isn't happening, please at least tell us. We'll look forward to the Summer Game if nothing else.

Is it time to give up on the off season game?

Hi, go to, click "contact us", and then click "browse comments" (at the side of the page). You should see a question and answer about the offseason game. Did I make sense just now? :)

that makes sense yaldah :)

FYI for the fellow players :-)

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Patron Comment: Is there no offseason game this year? If its been cancelled, could you please post something on the Summer Game Home page? I was very much looking forward to it. Thank you!!

AADL Reply: Hello, thanks very much for asking! DOWNLOAD QUEST will still be coming! We ran into some technical and process problems that kept the content that was going to be the basis of the quest out of the catalog; but they're going to be resolved soon, and the quest will launch in very early 2014 with a good set of puzzles to tide you over until Summer Game returns! Thanks again for your patience, and stay tuned! -eli

Good idea, @echternk! I should have done that :)