It's the LAST DAY OF SUMMER! Well, the last weekday, anyway. And the equinox is still a few weeks away. BUT STILL! SUMMER GAME 2013 ends tonight at midnight, when we uncheck one tiny little box, and ALL FUN DISAPPEARS FROM THE EARTH UNTIL JUNE 2014! Maybe we're just too close to it at the moment. BUT REGARDLESS! Summer Game 2013 has been AMAZING, with 56 MILLION points earned, 50,000 badges awarded, and an astounding 194,000 redemptions of over 800 different Game Codes! And while it all ends tonight at midnight, the Summer Game Shop will stay open through Sunday, September 15, for you to spend your points. And don't worry; if you don't spend them all, they'll still be right there in your account next year when the Summer Game begins again... on FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014... and that's only 287 days away! But for now, here's your final BADGE DROP of SUMMER GAME 2013!

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #12

Let us also direct your attention to the Super Packages Section of the Summer Game Shop, where this year's FINAL PACKAGES have FINALLY BEEN ADDED!

And that's it for this year's badges... an even 200! You've got just a few hours left, until Midnight tonight, to earn those last few points; then stay tuned over the next few weeks for our new off-season games and your chance to help shape SUMMER GAME 2014!

Happy trails, players, and as always......



Very cool.

I have enough points for the SUPREME SUMMER GAME MASTER SET but I don't actually want that stuff, and there are only six left and some people probably do want it, so I'm passing on it.

But I do want my bragging rights.

Consider me bragged.

I have had a great time on this years summer reading program and I have learned so much also. I can't wait until next years summer reading program. Thanks to Eli and the hole summer reading program staff for making it so fun.

summer game is over so sad:( Giong to try to get the last couple things I want

Maybe players could work on making badges during the school year. We could send them in so they could be all ready to go when summer game starts next year. Especially the parks badges that were so much fun.

I had a blast playing. The most fun was running into other players tonight while trying to earn my super branch explorer badges. I think we should have a summer game wrap up party next year. Who wants to be on the planning committee?!

@Sara: I don't think making badges months and months in advance would work very well. The AADL catalog is always changing (and park signage changes from time to time too). So by the time summer came around again, you'd likely need to fix up the design.

Supreme Summer Game Master set. BOOM! Now all I want is the badge for it to show up from ordering it. Maybe this comment will trigger it. :-)

Thanks AADL for the wonderful summer game. I now know what mochimochi are, space exploration, outdated airlines, dogs, cats, mythology and more than I ever thought I should know about Shirley Temple and more!

I've encountered a few new books to read and videos to view. I even explored new parts of town. Looking forward to next year.

Now I shall have to finally get around to finishing out the Streets Quest and Treasure Quest while I wait for next summer's game.

The summer game has been just wonderful. My kids are so sad to see it end. They love the puzzles and hunting for codes. I wish I had a staff to make crazy clues for a year-round family version! You guys are inspiringly creative, and the game has encouraged us to check out of more of the things AADL does, which really are some of my favorite things about this town. And those badges are just darling.

I saw this discussion (from 2011) about having a reading report option to get a list of books read over the summer. Did this ever happen?

I would have loved to meet other players tonight! I went out but I didn't seen anyone. I looked pretty suspiscious too, looking under all the shelves and things. I wish there were more Library events about the Summer Game itself, maybe one a month? And I wish there had been more chats this year, too! I loved talking to everyone and reading all of the comments since I am pretty shy even on the Internet.

We learned so much! What a wonderful program. It's our first, but not our last year participating.
Just missed one code at West! Arghhhh!!!!!

Quite fun. Learned a lot. Saw new things. Got great loot. Well done AADL and friends thereof.

Wahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUMMER GAME IS JUST ABOUT OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*preparing for mourning*
edit: need help on last 30 rock code. need help narrowing down search results

@Latitude, maybe next year AADL can provide us with summer game name tags we can download and print off and wear when we're exploring the branches and parks. That would be a great way of spotting each other. And if we're wanting to go incognito, don't wear the tag!

I still think we should try to do a meetup or wrap up party. It would be great to put faces to names.

I think this would be a really great thing to organize - but I don't know how many people would be interested (a lot probably) or who will check the Summer Game page after tonight! I did make a Google Docs document in case other people want to help organize -- you can find it here:

Thank you so much for another fantastic Summer Game! This was the best year yet. I especially enjoyed the new features that got us out exploring Ann Arbor: the Mochimochi series, park explorer series, and the geocache. We found some new places that we love and will visit again!

Thanks for all the hard work aadl staff!

I enjoyed hunting for the clues and working on the badges. I didn't find all the branch codes or finish all the badges, but I found some neat books in the process.

I wish I would have bought a few things earlier before they sold out, but at least some of the packages include these items.

Already looking forward to next year!

Ugh, it's going to drive me nuts that I never was able to earn my My Neighbor Totoro badge because I could't figure out the last clue. I found Mei's voice actress, but never did find the code despite looking up EVERY single movie listed on the page. Can anyone give me a hint? I know the game is over, but this is going to bug me!


You want Mei's Disney voice actress, who is Elle or Dakota Fanning. She's in a popular kids' book movie adaption that features the mascot of the Summer Reading Game this year (a dog)!

@beeniepie: I think the clue was a little misleading - if I recall, the code was actually in the book the movie was based on.

The All-Natural Fully-Caffeinated Bundle put together basically everything I'd been intending to order individually! I'm glad I waited.

I do wish I was able to finish the last few badges I needed.... It's going to bug me that I missed 1 code each for nearly all the libraries....
The master badges are soooo cute that I am going to get them next year before 2014 badges...

Hurray! I picked up my Penultimate Picnic Pack last week! I'm pretty happy with it. I'm just sorry I already had separately ordered a red frisbee. Oh well. Can't do any harm to have an extra, right? :)