BE A MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE (or at least Summer Game)!

chat: chat iconchat: chat iconSummer Gamers! We're getting close to the end of the 2013 game. Close, but not quite done yet. You'll have until MIDNIGHT tonight to wrap things up, enter in any more read/watch/listen points, and yes... the EARN MORE BADGES!

We'll have a wrap-up post later today, but wanted to give all of you die-hard players a heads-up that we now have the MASTER BADGES up and running (and on the Badge Page). Yessir (or ma'am!), as before, if you've completed EVERY badge in a particular series, you'll automatically be dubbed a MASTER and awarded a badge befitting your mastery!

So if you're close to scoring a particular master badge, get in there and earn those remaining badges! By this evening you could be a LEGENDARY MASTER, a WILD KINGDOM MASTER, even a SQUEE! MASTER!

When ELSE will you be able to claim such FANTASTIC titles?!?

Get to it, help each other out, and see how MASTERFUL you can really be!


Ok, I have all the catalog badges done and two libraries. Yay!

I was just at West on Monday where I was told there were 13 codes and found them all. Did they really add two more codes since then? I was sure I needed to go to two branches today, but this need for a third surprised me.

Great game!! Is it right to assume that the master badges will light up and show as earned when the badges drop?

Edit: never mind the badges registered upon posting this.

Ohh boy! It's almost over!

Gotta say ... Good Lord, it's been so much fun!

I LOVE the Summer Game, but I wish they would have given more notice to get the Branch Explorer codes. I got the majority of them, but a few hours notice isn't enough to go to each of the branches to get the last of what I need. Boo!!
Otherwise, thanks for another great summer, AADL!!

I'm glad you posted the master codes early...I was missing two West codes until I trekked over here. I had a lovely conversation with a family that is also here at West to get the last few codes. They are off to Downtown, and I am off to Maletts to pick up my holds. :)

Looks like we are missing quite a few branch badges. Don't think we'll have time to finish them today, though you never know. Still it was quite a rush seeing all those master badges come in at once. I've never earned so many points so fast.

Thank you again to everyone at the AADL who worked so hard on the summer game. I'll probably be going into withdrawal tomorrow, but I think my family will be happy to get their wife and mother back. Have a good off season!

TIME IS RUNNING OUT... the pressure is mounting.... but all in all, the summer game this year has been FANTASTICALLY FUN, even if I can't wrangle up a few more badges by tonight.

Looking down the badgelist ... something called the Master Branch Explorer has been added. It calls for you to "Find ALL the codes in ALL the libraries."

To my utter astonishment, as many as 8 (count them, eight!) people have actually done this. Wow. What that kind of devotion that must take, it's hard to imagine.

Myself, I'm 7/8 of the way toward all the codes in just the Malletts Creek branch, and I'm not going to get the chance to even finish that one.

Wow, I didn't even come close on some of the branches! I hope I have time this afternoon to go pick up a few more.

Thank you again for a great game.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note - we're going to tweak the Master Badge for the WEST branch so that anyone who didn't get the most recent codes posted there doesn't miss out! So if you had most of them, but not all keep an eye on your account - any codes added in August (that you did not get) won't be required to earn the master badges! We want to reward the completist types and not punish anyone who didn't go recently. And if YOU did get all of the recent WEST codes you still get the points of course - so no worries!

Well, NOW we know how many codes are at each branch. I only have 5 for West- is that enough? I went early in the summer. Darn, I thought I had all the codes.

Here are the branch totals that need to earned to be get the branch master codes - plus the building code for each location (so add 1 for the building codes);

Downtown = 15
Malletts Creek = 7
Traverwood = 6
Pittsfield = 8
West = 11 (this is how many you need to earn the master badge - but there were 3 added in August for a true total of 14. If you got the August codes you got the points, but they are NOT required to earn the WEST master badge)

I'm having boatloads of trouble with the Bluth Bonanza Badge -- espescially with the second code. I haven't seen Arrested Development (past the first few episodes) so I have no idea what it's talking about.

Thank you to all the aadl staff who worked on the summer game. It was so much fun. And thank you to the Friends for the great prizes!

I agree with other comments. More time for the branch explorers badge is requested.

@ slugwhisperer - did you see the post above about West branch? As to "more time" for the others - you have until 9PM tonight when all AADL locations close. Next summer we'll handle the building codes differently.

Thank you so much for tweaking the west badge. This really helps me out! I'm off to become branch master!

Ah, how to fill the void left by summer game withdrawal?

The summer game's over, but you still want to spend hours a day at your computer doing pointless but cool stuff that requires creativity, puzzle solving ability and the occasional trip out to random parts of Ann Arbor to collect information?

How about AADL's "Minecraft Ann Arbor" server, where we are attempting to model the city of Ann Arbor in Minecraft?

To get started, you can look at my completely unofficial guide to building Ann Arbor.

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Arrested Development, but I found all the information I needed for the badge on Wikipedia.

thanks for the great game, and thanks erin for letting me know the temple badge was fixed, when i checked for it I still had my search results on the screen from earlier in the day and I never refreshed the search after running around town. I got it now. Thanks for all the great codes and the park badges were awesome and I still didnt get them all but I hope next year there are even more out and about town badges.

Thanks. I'll be patient. But I do have a really, really good memory. So, be prepared! I will. the only member of my household who is not currently a Minecraft! I might just have to start!

Ok that's all for me. Good game! *high fives all players*

All this talk about branch explorers has me bemused. Earlier in the summer I thought I saw a badge for a branch indicating I'd missed a code or two. Every time I went back to find those badges, I couldn't find it, so I figured either (a) I'd imagined it, or (b) I'd been looking at something from a previous year. Now I find out it is real. Good thing I'm not a completist or I'd be driving around town right now to get the ones I'm missing! I did at least get all the main branch codes...

Minecraft Ann Arbor looks awesome!

If I were to make a suggestion for the branch badges, it would be to make sure people know from the start of the game that there will be more codes going up throughout the summer - maybe mention "three new codes at West" in the weekly badge drop post? I went around to all the branches in early July looking for codes, and it was only about ten days ago that I found out more were being added.

Erin - I attended Kerbal Space Program (computer game) and Lego Planetary Rovers (robot build and race), and obtained both codes. What more do you need to do to get Race to Space Badge?

Thank you AADL! You just made my son's summer! He and I searched the branches for all of the codes, worked on badges together, and attended events (more in 2012 than 2013) to earn points. And, we just ordered the SUPREME SUMMER GAME MASTER SET: 2013 EDITION. He is jumping up and down with joy :) Thank You!

Hi rainbow cupcake - you should have gotten the badge for those 2 codes - have you used your account recently, added a code or a tag or something to "trigger" some action in your account? If you do that and you still don't have the badge then please submit a comment listing the codes you got here and we'll look into it. Thanks

This helped a lot! I guess I just needed to look at it with new eyes. (@Zekicmom)

wow. sooo many comments....

We love the master badges! My kids were especially excited that the branch master badges are back. We really enjoyed visiting all the branches and searching for all the codes. We especially enjoyed the large number of codes at the smallest branch. We went to West thinking there wouldn't be many codes there, and we were very pleasantly surprised!

I was surprised at all the codes at West as well - that's the only one where I got all of them (because code-getting was my main reason for visiting, truth be told... Missed 2 at Traverwood, 1 at Mallett's, 1 at Pittsfield, half at Downtown. But I got all the branch codes, so I am a branch explorer, just not a MASTER branch explorer :^)

yah I missed a bunch too