Winners of the 8th Annual LEGO contest! Congrats to all of them!

Once again our annual LEGO contest was hotly anticipated and the entries were bigger and better! All ages from Preschoolers through Adults participated in the event. There were a total of 188 entries and the contest was held on Thursday, August 8 at the Kensington Court Hotel. There were six age categories and winners were chosen within each age group. The top three finishers and the People's Choice winners received custom LEGO trophies. The top three finishers also got medals and gift cards to Target. Please congratulate the winners! Photos of the winning entries will be added to this post on to our gallery soon.To see the contest guidelines and start planning for next summer click here.

Preschool Winners:

1st Place - Lucas Long
Runner-Up - Iris Brabbs
Honorable Mention - Steve Samuel
People's Choice - Lucas Long

Best Motorized Project - Vicky Kotsis
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Becca Van Lent
Coolest Robot = Sanchia Gupta
Best Vehicle - Scarlett Williams
Most Creative - Eliza Farr
Most Sophisticated - Sarra El-Tawil
Best Local Interest - Kevin Chen
AADL LEGO Master Builder - Owen TenBroeck

Grades K-2

1st Place - Brendan Khuu
Runner-Up - Milo Varnum
Honorable Mention - Elizabeth Finnegan
People's Choice - Milo Varnum

Best Motorized Project - Dominic Nazario
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Emma Khuu
Coolest Robot - Yotam Chopra
Best Vehicle - Yoyun Kim
Most Creative - Jake Williams
Most Sophisticated - Hanna Nilman
Best Local Interest - Catherine Van Lent
AADL LEGO Master Builder - McKenna Ge

Grades 3-5

1st Place - Eliot Varnum
Runner-Up - Betsy Nieman
Honorable Mention - Piper Favors
People's Choice - Eliot Varnum

Best Motorized Project - Brian Khuu
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Koen Van Nieuwstadt
Coolest Robot - Noah Nieman
Best Vehicle - Jarrett Tseng
Most Creative - Max Mients
Most Sophisticated - Lily Papp
Super Effective Award - Mason Bleed
AADL LEGO Master Builder - Keegan Globke

Grades 6-8

1st Place - Beatrix Dergis
Runner-Up - Casimir Mankowski
Honorable Mention - Bach Nguyen
People's Choice - Casimir Mankowski

Best Motorized Project - Matt Rupp
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Derek Mrachko
Coolest Robot - Manish & Ashish Venumuddula
Best Vehicle - Hamza Khan
Most Creative - Alexis Boyer
Most Sophisticated - Ryan Sauer
Best Vending Machine - Bilal Ahmed
Best Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons - Jeffrey Brooks-Conrad
Best Irreverent Treatment of Star Wars - Joey Nieman
AADL LEGO Master Builder - Alex Szumko

Grades 9-12

1st Place - Zachary Petersen
Runner-Up - Matthew Ramillard
Honorable Mention - Aliahna Porter
People's Choice - Pete Johnson

Best Motorized Project - Alex Wochna
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Ethan Golombisky
Coolest Robot - Justin Forester
Best Vehicle - Tommy Cohn
Most Creative - Pete Johnson
Most Sophisticated - Alez Siple
AADL LEGO Master Builder - Matt Karls


1st Place - Virginia Falk
Runner-Up - Nieka Appel & Ken Varnum
Honorable Mention - Peter TenBroeck
People's Choice - Peter TenBroeck

Best Motorized Project - Logan Benton
Best Architectural/Engineering Project - Peter Alway
Coolest Robot - David Papp
Best Vehicle - Paul Bierdz
Most Creative - Amy Remillard
Most Sophisticated - Meenu Garg
AADL LEGO Master Builder - Mike Bleed


Will the winning lego projects be displayed at any of the branches?

congratulation to all

I'd love to see a photo gallery of the winning entries. Did I miss a link?

congrats to all the winners! i'd love to see some photos of your work.

Hi all,

As it says in the post above there will be photos linked, but that will take some time - with over 60 winners it's a lot to go through and the same staff working on the game are the people responsible for processing the images. When the photos are posted the best place to look for them is at the page - they will be under the "storytimes and events" link. Re: displaying projects. The LEGO contest is a one-day event where the entrants bring their projects to Kensington Court hotel and take them home after the award ceremony. The branches have no secure, locking place to display the projects and the Downtown Library's cases are still too small for the size of the projects and the # of them we get. LEGOs are too valuable and expensive to display without locking them up. If you want to see all of the LEGO entries plan on attending the contest next year - from 6-8 PM the public can take a look at all of them!

Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Congrats to all winners.

Congrats to the winners and eagerly awaiting the photos, thanks to the library for running the contest.

Thanks Erin, that makes sense. I'll have to remember to see the entries next year.


Congratulations to all who participated. The creations were amazing!

Congrats to the winners! I'm sure your entries were amazing :)

We attended the Lego contest at Kensington Court and really enjoyed it! We didn't stay for the awards ceremony so I've been looking forward to seeing the list of winners. Do you have titles or descriptions of the entries to go along with the name of the builder? I don't remember who the builder was for "The Guyswatter" (and some of my other favorites) and I must know if it won an award! Thanks so much for a fun contest!

Can`t want to see the photos! Congratulations!!!

back in the early days when the contest was much smaller, one of my kids had a winning project that was put on display - and some of the unique mini-figs got stolen off it. So we're glad they are no longer doing that part - as erin said, not enough secure space...

congratulations everyone!

I just realized, why is there a prize for best use of tactical nuclear weapons?

great job everyone!

Congratulations to everyone! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Would be cool if there was a way for the library to provide legos to participants if they didn't have their own.

That's actually a neat idea for a category....could the library provide a limited # of Lego sets (first-come, first served) of bricks with the challenge of building the coolest thing from just those bricks? Might be fun! Something like pick up the set first thing in the morning the day of the contest and return by a certain time? :)

Some other local libraries do contests or Lego Fun Days just that way! So many great ways to encourage the exercising of the imagination muscles!

The AADL also does regular "LEGO Connection" days which provide a space to play with LEGOS we provide. The next one is planned for October. The library also offered LEGO robotic classes this summer too - all of the LEGOs and computers needed were provided. Be sure to check for all that the library has to offer kids and parents. Also this year at the LEGO contest we had a table of LEGO for the kids to play with while projects were being dropped off from 9am - 3pm.

Congratulations everyone!

Oh wow Erin, thanks for the information about the LEGO robotic classes. Do you offer these programs for preschoolers?

Congratulations to the winners! I'm not very into LEGOs, but this *still* seems rather interesting to me, which says something about this contest. ;)

I know this is from last year, but congratulations!