GEE WHILLIKERS PLAYERS! Summer is drawing to a lovely, sunny close, but SUMMER GAME 2013 keeps on rolling for 2 MORE WEEKS! Yup, you've got until MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, AUGUST 30 to earn your points, and to keep your minds fresh and interested we've got yet another exciting BADGE DROP! Now, sharp eyed players might recognize a familiar badge in this drop, it's the SUPER PUBLIC SPEAKER BADGE that first dropped back in July!

Well, we have another AADL board meeting this coming Monday, August 19th, at 7 PM on the 4th floor of the Downtown Library, giving you ANOTHER CHANCE to earn the big points and big badge that only comes with that WARM FEELING of CIVIC ENGAGEMENT that you can only get by MAKING A PUBLIC COMMENT! Get there a little early, as comments happen right at the beginning of the meeting, and sign up to address the Library Board, and tell them what you think! And in the meantime, here's a bunch of new badges to work on:

Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #10

Our final shop reveals are just around the corner; so stay tuned, and as always....



i am on the way new badges

yay! new badges! i want to do the miller nature area badge.i cant wait to see what the new prizes are....

who designs these cool badges?

Hooray! More badges! Now if only my questions submitted by the form to summer game could be answered...

Otherwise great game so far! Loved the parks badges so far!

Edit: Thanks for the reply!!!

What fun-looking badges! Love the critter ones, and the famous dogs and cats....also the mythology...and television and movies...great categories this year!

Cephalopodalooza! Too bad there are no local sites for sighting them...

and I thought today was Thursday.... Summer is really throwing my internal day-of-the-week tracker out of whack.....

and I thought today was Thursday.... Summer is really throwing my internal day-of-the-week tracker out of whack.....
Edit: sorry, this is on mobile...
Anyways, why's the public speaking badge at THIS badge drop? Wasn't that event a long time ago?

Public Speaking Badge: In the entry for this drop, they say there's another board meeting coming up so another opportunity to earn the badge.

I'm having troubling with clue 2 for "Water Maidens of Doom". I know what the bird is, I even know what the ballet is that they refer to in the hint. Tried lots of options of the bird name, plural form, birdname + folklore, etc etc. I ain't finding it. Anybody?

Oops. Guess I wasn't reading carefully enough due to the time..... Thank for telling me! Now I know that it's up there to remind summer gamers of that other meeting :)
That's the purpose.....right?
As for the second code, just search the bird. Nothing else.

Thanks, bookbird! I had searched for just the bird name, but somehow missed the correct book (since there's about 50 bazillion that show up in that search... that's why I started combining terms! :^o )

New question, perhaps for staff: while working on Hello Kitty I ended up on the Mochi Mochi Kawaii badge. I know the name of the movie that is supposed to lead to the first code (old enough to know it without the hint!), but I absolutely cannot find it in the catalog. Searched by movie title, character's name, shortenings of those, director - it's just not showing up for me. Has it been removed from the collection or something? Very bizarre.

It hasn't been removed from the catalog - search for 'hello kitty friends' and then bring up the first five or so results. It's one of those.

Only two more weeks? We will miss these games.

more badges! woo!

The last clue on the badge badge is killing me. I've tried nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonprofit, 501(c)(3), charitable, non-profit, nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3) organization, charitable organization.

@Jacy - you are so close! I went thought the same thing, by the way. The code is 3 words, all of which you seem to have tried in one order or another. If you look at Wikipedia's site about itself you'll see what you are looking for. N________C_________O__________.

I'm curious who designed the summer game -- as in the brains behind how it works? Not only is it a great way to engage patrons in current library resources, but it also teaches us how to use the website in a more efficient manner. I especially love the ones that send me out to parks to explore. Bravo!

For the public speaker badge, are the comments limited to just commenting on the summer game?

When do they usually release the details about the super prizes? The last week??

Is there any hope that the AADL EZ-Roll Picnic Blanket - Funky Polka will be restocked this game? It's by far my favorite prize after the dark chocolate.

Is it possible that the 1st Shirley Temple code is missing? I'm pretty sure I searched the correct name in musical scores (the were 34 results) but no code.

I can't believe it! The blanket gone in a few hours! As for the secret items, I wonder if they will be revealed in the final week....

I don't want summer to be over!!!!

I am secretly glad that the blanket sold out... mine is so cool and my dad wanted one and I didn't want him to get one. because mine is SO COOL

Thanks Latitude but that's not the one that I'm missing. Here's the clue that isn't working for me (for the Mochi Mochi Kawaii badge):

First figure out one of her major influences who had a popular TV show for kids and find your first code hidden in his movie that was a big search for his bike and was directed by Tim Burton.

and this is the hint:

HINT: If you google the director's name, and bike it comes right up!

As I said, i know what this is SUPPOSED to be, but nothing I try locates it in the catalog. Not the name of the character (with various spellings for his first name), not the name of the movie, not by clicking on Tim Burton's name in a listing to get all his records to show up. Very frustrating!!

Camelsamba, I think you're right about the item no longer showing up In the catalog. I recently was helping my daughter try to get this badge which I already had got myself last month. Like you, we knew what it was supposed to be, but it was nowhere to be found. I went back and checked my record and after I had entered the first code it said congratulations, you found P_-__ B__ A______! But i couldn't find It again no mater how I searched. I think it's time to ask the aadl staff what's going on.


WHOA you are right. That is really strange! Perhaps there's a bigger mystery at hand???

or something has gone wrong I don't know but a Mystery would be much more exciting amiright

To all the summer gamers out there I am working on the badge about Lo the cow, I am having trouble finding the third codeword I have copied and pasted what what I think the answer could be but I am still having trouble because of the clue is so hard and I have tried several times and it still comes up wrong. I am hoping one of you gamers out there can give me one more clue on how to find the third codeword because I am so stuck and getting more confused by each try.
Thanks so much for the help,

What were the secret items last year? Is there an archive of last year's prizes? I have a ton of points and I'm having a hard time deciding if I should bank them or get more chocolate and coffee.

@Zekicmom and @Latitude, thanks for the confirmation. At least now I know it's not just me!

@ Camelsamba, Latitude & all,
I just double checked and if you search "Hello Kitty" and "Friends" it comes right up and the code is where I put it.

Re: Pee Wee Herman,

This has apparently been removed from the catalog - which has clearly happened recently. Sorry about that! We'll fix it but it won't be until Monday. Thanks for the heads up!

Hi all,

To answer a few of the questions that have popped up:

- Information about prizes (super or otherwise) always show up on Fridays along with the badge posts.
- The design, technology, badge creation & management, and all game-related play is created, and run by the dedicated staff in the IT department - programmers, production librarians, and the leader of us all: Eli Nieburger, Associate Director of the Library. The creation of the badges is a big job and in addition to IT other library staff, and players come up with many of them too. IT actually creates them and does the tech back-end to make it pretty :) Those of us who post here are identified as: eli, mariah, erin (me) and andrew.
- There may be a small stock of some items restocked, but it's not a guarantee. We purchased 500 of each of the many prizes this summer (aside from special items) and when they are gone they are gone. Next summer will be all new!
- We're glad you're all loving and playing the game! We're loving and playing the game too :) We try to keep things fun, fresh and with things to keep our entire community engaged so it's awesome to hear that you're all having a good time!

thanks for all the info erin.

we thank you for answering our questions, staff. At the part about Eli, I nearly thought that erin said RULER of us all. :)
i guess i could think strange thoughts sometimes....

Help! We are stuck on an early badge. Can't seem to get the Hogwarts one started. An adult non-fictions book about lions,right? Any additional help out there? We've tried keywords w/ grassland & friendship. Thanks!

Help! I'm stuck on the first clue for the Cyclopedia badge. At this point, I don't even know what it's asking. I have tried voices from 2 animated movies M.I. and M.&A. I thought the voice was John Goodman, but that didn't work...

RowanEMH, you're close. You've got the right animal (I used Wikipedia to find all the mascots), you just need to search it in the catalog under books, and narrow it down to adults. I don't know any other shortcuts, and it won't be in the first 50 items that pop up, but you don't have to check everything. Just skip all the fiction, and remember, you're looking for a social animal. Good luck!

Hi all,

Those of you looking for a Pee Wee Herman related item should be able to find it to finish the badge now!

@sara, your thought was right. If you do a search for him in the catalog under video it'll be there. It wasn't obvious to me that that was the item it'd be in, but there aren't too many things you'll need to check to find the code.

I have found the codeword in a movie that stared one of the best actors who is also related to a very famous singer from back in the day.

Got it! Thank you!

That's you're guy. The movie you're looking for isn't animated though.

To all the summer gamers out there I am working on two badges and I am having great trouble finding the codewords for both. The first badge I am working on is the Legen-Dairy badge and I am having great trouble finding the third codeword for it. I have done the copying and pasting that the clue suggested but that still came up with no answers to help me out so I an hoping one or more of you summer gamers have one more clue on how to help me find the clue word. I am also working on the badge about the Mars rover Spirit and I have looked up on wiki the answer to the fourth clue word which I am looking for and I find a word that could answer the question but it has four letters not five like the clue said so I am in hopes someone can give me one more clue as to where to look for the answer I am looking for because I am either looking at the wrong area in the wiki article or I am looking at the wrong article all together.
Thanks so much for the help

erin and IT folks, thanks for resolving the peewee issue!

Lmd3577: For Legen-Dairy, there's an article at Mental Floss titled "12 Letters That Didn't Make the Alphabet" - if you skim through that, you'll find the right letter/word to put in your AADL catalog search. (The only one I knew off the top of my head was "thorn" and by googling "thorn letter" i ended up at the Mental Floss article.) As for the Spirit Rover, I had a hard time with that clue as well! I didn't find it in wikipedia; I eventually found it by searching the web for something along the lines of "where is spirit rover now." FWIW, it appears that it never left the crater it landed in - and you can easily find that name in the wikipedia article.

@Zekicmom. Thanks for the help. I again checked the first 60 items for John Goodman, no code. Maybe the code is missing? Library folks?

@sara - Before I replied to your request for help I double checked that I was remembering correctly where the code was, so I searched the catalog again and saw it. If you search John Goodman just under videos, then I think something like 61 items are listed and the code was in one of them. I'll look again..

Hi everyone. I'm working on the BADGE BADGE badge and having problems with the last code ---- What type of foundation is Wikipedia Foundation? I tried following the instructions and am not sure of what I should be entering as the code. I have tried:

n**- p*****
n**- p**** c*********
n**- p***** 501(c)(3) c*********
A******* 501(c)(3) c*********

Am I misunderstanding the clue? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

@mcreader. The answer is three words: N.....C.....O....

@Zekicmom. Thanks! Got it!

Silly me --- got it! Thanks!

wish i knew

@Erin, thank you for answering my questions!

Does anyone know if it's possible to earn two different GIGA chocolate monster badges if you get the milk chocolate AND dark chocolate prizes? Just curious.

The code you are looking for is found in a film featuring a actor who has an aunt that shares his last name and a father who introduces movies on the classic movie channel TCM.

How does StreetsQuest fit into the Summer Game? I have over 3,000 StreetsQuest points, but they don't seem to count towards my Summer Game total.

Treasure Quest and Streets Quest (the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school year games respectively) were pretty much just for prestige and fun. Neither game's points are shop-spendable. I assume that will continue to be the case for any other games beyond the summer programs.

@beeniepie , it's possible. I'm pretty sure they had two separate codes for dark vs milk last year. If you look at my player page, the badge I got specifies it was for dark ("Dark Edition"). Therefore last year they were different codes.

EDITED TO ADD: separate dark and milk badges confirmed!

I am still looking for the third code word for the Mars Rover Spirit badge and still through all my research even on I am still coming up with the four letter answer not the five so I am hoping you can give me one more clue on where to find the codeword. Out of all the space badges this is the hardest one to find the clue words and that is why I am so stuck.
Thanks so much for all the help,

Thanks Cherylo!

i like them too... i like the animal ones

Just got back from a camping trip. The first badge I tried was the platypus one, and ... well, quite frankly -- and no offense is meant, honestly -- it looks like it was made in slapdash fashion.

I'm talking poor punctuation (Good Lord, why can't you use a comma in any of those nearly a dozen places where you should have?) and even spelling ("google" is not a word at all. "Google" is. Anyway, I prefer Bing); a bizarre inconsistency in the second clue (the clue mentions "the only other monotreme in existence: the echidna," and yet the hint suggests you start by finding out "what the other monotreme is."); and finally, a badge title that doesn't really make sense (Oz? Really?). Like, dudes! Maybe get a proofreader?

Other than that, the badge looks like a great one. :/


P.S. I'm sorry if I've been rude. I really am. It's just that I'm, you know, a reader. And this is, you know, a library! How can mistakes like that be made?

Oz is a slang or colloquial term used around the world for Australia. And while you and google may prefer that it's capitalized there is no definitive grammar rule regarding capitalization when the word is used as a verb.

yikes! I went camping and missed a bunch of badges...I have a lot to catch up on!

Badges aren't worth that many points this year, but are still fun to do....
Problem is that I can't view the clues on mobile...

@Bookbird, you may be able to hold your finger on the link and 'open in new window' or similar when a popup menu appears to get the badge pages to open on mobile. I have used this trick on my Android phone sometimes. On my tablet, I use the 'request desktop site' as needed to get a non-mobile version of the page. if you are on an i-Thing, I know less about those, but you might be able to use a variant. Good luck, and try some stuff!

Just a note for those wanting to earn the Miller Nature Area badge -- the Arborview entrance sign says Miller Park. It does not say Miller Nature Area, something I found a little confusing. I started to doubt I was at the right place until the fourth clue seemed to match up.

I've really enjoyed earning the explorer badges. They've been a great incentive to explore parks outside of my neighborhood!

Lmd3577 - it's still in the crater where it landed. Find that name and you should be good to go. I just double-checked and the crater name is in the wikipedia article in the section about landing.

@mwallagm: Really? I was camping too! I'm never gonna get through all these badges before summer game ends. Oh well. It's hard to believe summer is almost over - I feel like it just started! :(

new badges!!

I agree with many of the other posts that the park badges are great. Earn Library points and get exercise and even learn about parks you may not have ever been too before. Heck we even met a homeless dude that told me he fishes under the bridge in Bandy park every day. He regaled us with a great story about a catfish that took forever to get out of the water and then even longer to gut and cook over a camp stove some "hippies" gave him two years ago. I told my kids it was like a story from a book and the library gives us stories even at the park. Great stuff, keep up the great work library people, you are awesome.

Wow. I never imagined something like that can happen while getting badges.... Did the guy say anything else that was interesting?

there were TONS of great badges this year!

To all the summer gamers out there,
I am working on the "Dream is still alive" badge and I am having great diffcuilty finding the second codeword for the badge. I have looked it up in Wiki and I still can't figure out the answer because the article I have been reading is just to scientific for me and it confuses me even more I have typed in one of several answers in the catalogue to no avail so I am hoping one or more of you gamers have one more clue for me to help me find the code word.
Thanks so much for the help,

To all the summer gamers out there I am working on the "Shirly Gets Older" badge and I am having trouble finding the first codeword. I have looked up the 2 possible answers on both IMDB and Wiki wich also has a list of the filmography. I have typed in the answer the 4 different ways I think it could be answered but I still have found no codeword. I am hoping one or more of you gamers have a clue for me to help me find the codeword.
Thanks so much for the help,

@lmd3577 for the Shirley gets older badge - 1st code word. Shirley was only in one movie in 1942 wich is easiest to see in IMDB. Use the last two words of the title to search in the catalog as keyword. You should get 8 results - the codeword is in one of the eight. The 'hint' is misleading as it mentions 1944 - but I believe that hint should go under the second codeword. Hope that helps!

@lmd3577 - Dream is still alive - 2nd codeword. The clue mentions Magnetorquer many times. If you look up in wikipedia that word, the first two sentences mention what a Magnetorquer develops. This is what you should search on (two words). Then follow the other things in the clue to find the type of media, etc. Let me know if you find it.

Hi, the Crash of the Titans badge shown in this badge drop isn't on the badge page. Just FYI...

I went on vacation and did my points too... I even got a few badges:D

@sushimonster: Really? The whole point of my camping trip was kind of, "forget things like Summer Game... just enjoy the trip!" And, considering we didn't bring a computer, I couldn't have done any SG anyway. Well, aside from missing the badge drop, I had a great time! :) :)

The Miller Park badge doesn't really lead you very deep into Miller Park. That's not too surprising, because there really isn't a lot of signage inside the park. But it's a beautiful park, and as a long time Miller Park fan, I'd encourage you to explore deeper into the park. Remember to look up. There are some amazing tall trees. Find the little dell full of teepees. Find the spiral stairs. Get lost among all the winding trails. (Well, if you use your ears, you can't really get lost - the loudest traffic noise is from the Miller Road side of the park). Now you're a true Miller Park Explorer!

Thank you for the help I did find the answer finally after searching 20+ music choices. I hope you can help me also find the third code word for the Legen-Dairy badge and cyclopedia badges I am having a lot of trouble finding both codewords. I have one clue to go on for the legendary badge but it still does not help I have looked up some info but it is so confusing. And for the cyclopedia badge I have wikied up a list of all the monsters and read up on their separate pages and for the third one I have one of two choices I do believe and when I typed both of them in I got nothing so I need one more clue on where to look because from what I read on the personal page of the monster there are only two choices. I also hope you have a clue on to where find the first codeword for the dragon badge also that is another tough one. I have had trouble on that one also because I did what the clue asked and it came up with several options but not the one I am looking for. Thanks for the help on the space badge and I hope you can help me on the three I have just mentioned.

For the "Legen-Dairy" badge, if you copy the symbol given in the clue and paste it into a google search box, you should come up with a three-letter combination. Just search those three letters under "author", and you should get just one result. The code will be in there.

For the "A Real Drag" badge, the saint you want is St. G***** (the dragon killer). If you search his name in the AADL catalog, you should get only a few results. The one that has something "golden" about has the code.

For the "Cyclopedia" badge, if you search the K******a given in your clue in google, you should be able to figure out what epic is about him. I'm not sure why you would be looking at a list of monsters in this case, since you already have the one-eyed character's name. Search the name of the epic - R******a - and you shouldn't get many results. Just look through them... you'll find the code.

Hope this helped!

I need help on the 2nd code for the Badge Badge - I found the photo, but I entered the two words from the bottom item (with no space) and it says not found. The words are Dxxxxxxxxxxxx Exxxxx

Any help? Is there more than one photo?

What a gem! We went there today. I'd lived on the west side for 4 years and didn't know about it until Summer Game!

Stuck on "Adorbs Baby Animals," code 3. Have tried all combos of "diary" & "journal" with "animal"& '"baby animal." What are we missing?

I figured out the Badge badge second code. Must have had a typo earlier today.

Is there a list anywhere of how many building games codes are at each branch? I know Downtown & West have been adding since the 1st week. Thanks!

@RowanEMH: In the clue, it says it's an animal from a certain place - A*******a, remember? The animal you want starts with W. There is actually a diary of _______ *and* a diary of a *baby* ______. The code is in the diary of a baby _______. I'm not really quite sure how to find the info you need, because as it happens I knew what the clue was referring to right away. Good luck with the badge!

That did it! Thanks so much!