AADL EZ-Roll Picnic Blanket - Funky Polka *SOLD OUT*

What a great day for a picnic! Except the earth is too dirty, or the air too chilly! WHAT TO DO? Well, you should use your Summer Game points to procure this amazing outdoor accessory and solve ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AT ONCE! So long as your problems are related to needing a blanket to sit on or under.

But you know, couldn't you just use a regular blanket, or even a Duvet for these situations? NOT LIKE THIS YOU WON'T is what we say! Why? Well, we're so glad you asked. It's because this blanket has TWO amazing features the one on your bed does not. First, it's got a moisture-resistant backing (place that side upon the earth. Earth not included) to turn WET GRASS into DRY uh, BOTTOMS! Yes, this blanket sees DEW and says DON'T! But that's not all; this blanket also helps you to avoid the pain and embarassment of IMPROPER BLANKET FOLDING. Yes, thanks to a handy velcro strip, and useful handle with zipper pouch, this blanket not only makes it a SNAP to turn back into a tight, convenient rolled-up wonder, it even gives you a place to keep your CAR KEYS! (Car not included.) On top of that, the very best thing about using this blanket instead of the one on your bed is NO INSECTS HITCHING A RIDE INTO YOUR BED! At least not from this blanket.

Measuring 59" x 53", with that moisture-blocking back black backing, and a charming, fashionable FUNKY POLKA DOT chocolate and turquoise motif, this blanket will keep your bottoms dry and warm ALL SUMMER LONG!

The AADL EZ-Roll Picnic Blanket in Funky Polka is available for 8000 Summer Game Points while supplies last. Like all our great Summer Game premiums, this item is generously provided by the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library.

8,000 SG Points