AADL Canine-Compatible Flying Disc - Black

WOOF! As you may have noticed, Summer Game this year is DOG GONE CRAZY! So we figured you might like a Summer Game premium that's not only fun for game-playing HUMANS, but for their adorable CANINE COMPANIONS as well! So, here we have what appears to be a regular old 9" flying throw-and-catch disc best known by a trademarked name, but with A HIDDEN BONUS! This disc has been rendered fully DOG-COMPATIBLE with the addition of smooth, rounded edge, just right for your HAPPY WOOFERS to jump and catch in MID-AIR!

Yes, it's a truly delightful flying contraption that you can throw at your friends, your dogs, or even your friend's dogs! OR YOUR DOG'S FRIENDS! Our Canine-Compatible flying disc is just the thing for HOURS OF FUN at the park, the beach, the mall, or the DMV! BUT NOT IN THE HOUSE!!!!

The AADL Canine-Compativle Flying Disc - Black is available for 2000 Summer Game Points while supplies last. Like all our great Summer Game premiums, this item is generously provided by the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library.

2,000 SG Points

125 in Stock