*SOLD OUT* S.G. Puppypants

SQUEEEE! Remember beloved townie bear S.G. Bearpants? Well, the children of Ann Arbor have made it very clear to us that their S.G. Bearpantses are LONELY. What to do? Well, obviously, S.G. needs a friend! ENTER S.G. PUPPYPANTS! He's an adorable little bulldog-pug mix of some nondescript lineage, but he's got that HYBRID VIGOR for sure, and a LITTLE WHITE BELLY to boot! HOW CUTE!

And to top it all off, or rather, cover it all up, he's sporting an adorable little aadl.org t-shirt! That's right, this is a DOG THAT CAN READ. Or at least be put in shirt that express his owner's preferences for him in libraryland. But regardless, squee! Just read some books, come to some events, earn some badges, and you'll have that 5,000 points before you know it!

S.G. Puppypants is available for 5,000 Summer Game Points while supplies last. Like all our great Summer Game premiums, this item is generously provided by the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library.

5,000 SG Points

Sorry, this item is out of stock