*NEW* AADL Beachy Berry Ball

What could be more fun than an inflatable beach ball? NOT MUCH! But you can attempt to do some detailed comparisons once you get your hands on one of AADL's DELIGHTFUL Beachy Balls! But AADL, you ask, why are they merely BEACHY? Are they not simply BEACH BALLS? Well of course it's a beach ball. But we think you should use these inflatable delights everywhere, not merely at the BEACH! It's more of a serving suggestion, really. BUT NOT IN THE HOUSE!

It really is a nice-looking beach ball. Silvery and shiny and stylishly adorned with the aadl.org logo. Just inflate it to a pleasing pressure, usually slightly more than the ambient millibars whereever you're located, and marvel at how it inflates and deflates as you travel up and down mountains! BUT NOT ON THE PLANE!

The AADL Beachy Blue Ball is available for 2000 Summer Game points while supplies last. Like all our great Summer Game premiums, this item is generously provided by the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library.

2,000 SG Points