SUMMER GAME 2012: It's ON! Let's PLAY!

WELCOME PLAYERS! Ann Arbor's hottest THING TO DO is back for another rollicking summer of ADVENTURE, EXCITEMENT, EXPLORATION, and most importantly.... POINTS! Summer Game 2012 has begun, so keep checking back throughout the day for updates as pieces come alive. There are some changes to the way points are scored, some opportunities new and old, and by the end of the day, the first of 12 WEEKLY BADGE DROPS to take you all the way through summer!

For now, as we're updating pages and rolling out all the AMAZING NEW STUFF, let us know as always if you have any questions by posting in the thread below or contacting us. To answer a few of your burning questions: Summer Game 2011 Shop Points DO rollover and will be available to you to spend when the Summer Game Shop opens on July 2. Also, if you missed any 2011 badges, most of them are STILL AVAILABLE to earn this summer, although they're now only worth 10% of the points. All your players are still here, we've just cleared out the gamecard numbers, so if you play the paper game, just add your new gamecard number on your player page when you pick one up!



So excited!! I'm ready to play!!

Woooo! Summer Game!!!

I can't wait!!!

I wonder what cool new stuff the library has in store for us this year :)

OMG! Summer Game 2012 is finally here!

I don't think I received the prize for finishing Treasure Quest yet. What am I supposed to do to get it?

Just be patient. I'm pretty sure eli will get to it after he finishes up on the Summer Game 2012 stuff.

This is awesome!!!!!

Reading is my favorite part of Summer!

If you could only read one book this summer, what would it be? Why?
please reply

Oh Yeah!

Pride and Prejudice - again - it never gets old :-)

I love the new design of the website!

The scorecard is so much better and much easier to read!

I definitely's way easier than scrolling through :)

I like the new colors! Blue is my favorite color.

The tag system has reverted itself back to last year's. Now whenever I add a tag, regardless of whether I make several tags and separate them with commas or just make one tag, I just get the amount of points I would usually get for only one tag (10 points).

I hope new badges get added soon...

Regarding the tag issue, it always says that I "already added a tag" regardless of whether I have or not, therefore not giving me any points.

Thanks guys, so glad to see all our players roaring back to the library for summer game! As for tags, we have in essence nerfed tagging. You now get 10 points for each item that you tag, not 10 points for each tag. We shifted to this midyear, but we've got so many items with so many great tags now, we don't need to put such a high, open-ended value on tagging. So, ompopp it's working right if it's telling you that on something you tagged before, even last summer; you can tell because you get a list of your tags on that item you can delete. On the flipside, you might notice that when you rate an item in your checkout history, you get 50 points for the rating instead of 10. So rate those items in your checkout history to QUINTUPLE your rating scores!

Thanks for the feedback, guys.... keep it coming!


But on some items I haven't even tagged them (I can't see the list of tags that I can delete), but it says I have.

yay! so excited! read artemis fowl

what happens when you join a team

eli, fix the badges page please. it still contains all of last year's badges, and treasure quest keys.

feedback: blue is good for the score card, but for the navigation and the aadl logo, not so great. blue and red don't really go well.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! We have a badge page update you're going to love coming shortly; and I think you're right about the blue and red. We'll try some other combos! And Teams are just for fun. They let you make your own leaderboards, but we'll also be able to see how teams are doing compared to each other!


I have the same tag problem as Morgsush. I tagged a new book that just came out and it says I had already tagged it.

same here, and i think that you should have the badges marked off so that when we look for new ones, it will be easier to see what we didn't finish

For the super secret shop tokens, how do you get them? Or is it a super secret?

are there links like last year for the movie badge?

did anyone get the peanuts' badge? i think the codes are gone

The tag issue should be fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

There is a new badge page coming, it will group badges and highlight which ones you have earned.


yeah, I think the codes are gone

wonder what happened. also, are the movie badge items in the catalog? i didn't see then and was wondering if there was a new site with codes

I think all of them are gone temporarily.

not all codes. the imma is still there. i got it

I am so glad it is fixed! I got kinda annoyed since I know I didn't tag an item!

yeah, same here. did you get the snoopy one? i think the code's missing

Yeah, I got the imma ones but I couldn't find the Snoopy code anywhere.

i think i search EVERY Peanuts item. the creators must have forgot to put the codes in there. there should be extra points for making us look when the codes weren't even in place

did anyone get the movie ones? i don't think the codes are in the catalog

The fairy movie one? I found that one.

Please keep this blue for the player page! Just change the red!

There's a Summer Game 2012 Badges page now. Just go to your player page, scroll down to Summer Game 2012, then click on [ See All SummerGame2012 Badges ].

Are you allowed to join more than one team?

Hey guys,

All the codes for the Peanuts Gallery badge are where they are supposed to be. Notice that the clue says that his friends (and one enemy) are lost in the catalog. Try looking for them in places other than Peanuts items.

Everyone did such a great job at badges last year that this year we made some of them a little bit harder. And some of them a lot.


Umm... When I opened up the Summer Game Shop some Zelda music came on:
Is that supposed to happen?

Are their ten items for the Peanuts badge? I have 9 and no badge, so I think it must be 9 friends and one enemy for 10 total.

Also, when I tried to use the supplied link for one of the old newshound items, I got a "you are not authorized" error for the page. I successfully copied and pasted the code, but I think you should know about broken links.

yeah, that was a reward that you got last year from the zelda triforce badge.

I'm so excited!

Yes I think there are 10 things to find

Yes, there is one enemy (Snoopy's) hidden in the catalog. Have fun searching!

The Snoopy one is so hard!

How many of Snoopy's friends did you find? I only found 3.

Wait, are you allowed to join more than one team?

Yup, you can join as many teams as you'd like! You can view teams from your player page, check it out and let us know what you think!


Teams are awesome! We should have a team leaderboard, and every time a team member earns points it goes towards the team's points.

Sooo... Where's the link to find the movie codes? I don't mean the fairy one.

i'm still not really sure what a team does? i agree that we should have a team leaderboard, but we could also have team competitions.

Re: Bookbird
The movie codes aren't in the catalog. It says to "Be a good Observer...". Hmmm.

Re: Morgsush
The music is intended. That's what the "secret powerup" is for the Zelda badge.

I'm with you tree64! We should have team competitions!

It would be really fun to have team competitions!

Hey "Anly", wanna join Bob Lee's?

You should really start playing if you did not already!

This summer will be epic!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is great for all AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start joining the fun today!!!!


YAY can't wait for july 2

So excited/ ready to win every badge in 2012 game

You should join.

My goal this year is to, once again, manage to stay in the top 100. I will try, anyway :"D

My goal is to stay in the top 10, if possible. I don't know how much longer I can hold on the Number 1, especially when I'm going on vacation.
There are a lot more places this year (up to 454!).

There's now an aquatic invertebrate exhibit at Traverwood? How come no one tells me these things?

I only found out about the exhibit at Traverwood today, when the family & I went on the "Tour de Library" (as we called it) to collect branch codes. We listened to an audio book together in the car driving around. too. :)

I expect all or most exhibits, whether science-related as this one is or otherwise, to have codes, based on last year's history and what we have seen so far while touring branches.

wow. wish I could go on a "Tour de Library" with my family, but they don't really encourage it, saying I read too much (which is impossible, according to my LA teachers)
can you at least tell me how many extra codes to expect, and how many per library, as i am NOT enthusiastic about going through the ledger of those who allow it (you must have tons of stuff for me to dig through, since your near the top of the leaderboard).

It's always possible we missed something, but we found one exhibit code each at two of the branches.

The branch we didn't visit today, our closest one, has an art exhibit starting today. I suspect there is a code there for that exhibit, but I will not be able to confirm until at least tomorrow.

If it goes like last summer, there will seemingly randomly be codes posted at each branch from time to time, often highlighting particular resources, collections, or features. Also, many library events handed out or mentioned additional codes last year. I can only guess that will continue.

There's also an exhibit at Malletts.

I wonder what kind of new things will be in the summer reading game store this year.

Hah! If you look at ejk's player page (on the staff's leaderboard), he added 10,000,000 points to his account. Apparently it's because of Deus Ex Machina (god from the machine).Very clever (but wouldn't that be cheating?).


I hope they still have the things from last year.


When I go to write a review, all of the reviews before mine are headed "Awesome" and reviewed "awesome" just for points. I find that somewhat sad.

I agree; it is sad, how some players only care about the points and not about actually reviewing the book.

Morgsush, how in the world did you all ready get 42,000+ points!

Lots of time on this website, lots of hard work.

Well, now I have 45,000+ points.

Umm... This may be random, but why aren't we allowed to delete our comments?

Well, ejk basically made the summer reading game, so he can do whatever he wants with it.

Speaking of ejk, did you fellow staff members get mad at you when you added 10 million points to your account?