The END of TREASURE QUEST is upon us! It's the FINAL KEY!

Here's where it all comes together, and just in time for THE FINAL KEY is upon us! The start of Summer Game 2012 is just a few short weeks away, so time for ONE LAST BRAINTEASER to hold you over until the Summer Game's TRIUMPHANT RETURN! And this time, with email TREASURES still awaiting, Questers who complete the challenges of TREASURE QUEST including the FINAL KEY will get something truly SECRET AND VALUABLE, giving a clue as to something BIG coming in the SUMMER GAME! So, HAPPY QUESTING!

~~~~~     THE FINAL KEY APPEARS!     ~~~~~~

Nothing to see here.
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the FINAL KEY appears before your eyes, you hear Wil Wheaton say:


The end is nigh! The FINAL KEY is all you have to claim;
A clue is at the end of the beginning of this game.
The Keys, the Gates, the codes, the points; they all come from a book;
If you're averse to spoilers then perhaps you shouldn't look.


Note: in the thread below, Questers are sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


I can't find the Crystal Key! I found the gate, but not the key. The clue just doesn't make sense.

yes still no key or easter egg?

Clues on Crystal key? I'm not finding this one either

The first line of the Crystal Key clue tells you what to look for, but you'll need to think about other words or idioms that might be unsaid. Once you know what to look for, the second line should help you narrow it down!

As of this moment, 3 players have found the Crystal Key, and 7 have found the Crystal Gate, but no-one has yet cleared the quest! Stay tuned, Questers!


ack...late to the party again. ,-) I have a lot of catching up to do.

hint would be nice.something to get me pointed in the right direction anyone?

Well, bookbird, the hint at the end of the beginning probably means the first one of these things that this is.

Any hints for solving the crystal key and the final riddle? Found both riddles but tried many different codes nothing?

Think I'm close but have a question is the final code another long one? Very long?

Well, to those looking for the Crystal Key Code, you've got to have your game on. If you found the Key Riddle, you should already know which game we're playing!

As for the Final Code, it is a long one, but not the longest of the game. I won't tell you how long it is, but I will tell you it has to be a multiple of 4. That oughta help you a lot if you're almost on the right track.

KEEP QUESTING QUESTERS! 3 players have completed TREASURE QUEST and won a truly valuable prize; if you look closely at the leaderboards, you might be able to figure out what they won!


I know what idiom the riddle to find the Crystal Key is talking about, but I don't understand the Penguin Fish part...

The Penguin Fish is your friend. He'll keep you from having to dig through 158 items.


Thanks for the clue Eli! I found the key. I realized that Penguin Fish were actually two different words and objects.

This might be irrelevant, but I've had this pet peeve the whole time I've been playing Treasure Quest. I started Treasure Quest first, then Points-O-Matic. So on my player page, the Treasure Quest score card comes first, then Points-O-Matic. However, I've started to play Points-O-Matic less and less, but I was playing Treasure Quest more and more. I have to scroll down to the clues for Treasure Quest, but it's really hard to see where that ends and the Points-O-Matic score card begins. I can't move the score cards, and now I'm thinking of just deleting my Points-O-Matic score card. Any ideas?

urgh! 48 hours later still have not solved the final egg? Nice hint from Eli but I fear I'm not on the right path. Any hints to find the right path or hints on which code is right?
I think I know what is to be coded but not how to code it.

I am circling the drain on the final code. I know the phrase, I'm pretty sure I know the encryption scheme, but I can't make it work. Anyone want to throw me a bone?

oh, what's the encrtption scheme? I have tried several with nothing working.

Hey Morgsush, no worries on the score card. You can probably tell that whole page is esentially untouched from what we first threw together. It will be getting a MAJOR update soon as we start rolling out new features for Summer Game 2012, so don't delete any data, your player page is going to get a LOT more usable in coming weeks, with nice summaries, organized badges, jump to scorecards, etc.

And I have to say on the final code, it's more encoding than encrypting. Take the clue very seriously, it's a big hint.

I can still leave internal spaces in my code and they get stripped when I submit, right? I've been leaving them in to keep my sanity. And where applicable, capitalization doesn't matter, right? This is driving me batty.

good question, brady! when entering a code, spaces and punctuation are ignored, and case does not matter. so you don't need to worry about trying different combinations of space or case when entering a code. However, some encoding or encryption schemes will give different results depending on spaces and cases.... that's why the riddles where that matters will specify how to set up your text before encoding.

Am I allowed to pout because I am away from home and cannot reference my copy of RPO? I managed to remember enough to get the first two keys and gates, but not any further. It may have to wait until I get home tomorrow afternoon.

Update: I have managed the crystal key and gate now, and am hoping I can repeat the post-and-solve by complaining how the code for the egg should work IMO but isn't. lol.

Update #2: got through the egg. That was a tough code! But I am confused: 12 keys? I count 11. Where am I going wrong?

tough code? any hints?
I'm stuck again.

Same thought here - I thought I solved all the keys/treasures, but only have 11. Is there a "secret key" somewhere that we didn't hear about?

I have searching the last phrase of the clue and tried replacing the phrase with code from the website.
I'm thinking I have either the code(tried several) or the phrase wrong.
I have reread the clue but only come to one answer for the phrase.
Brain not working here. Can anyone help? or did everyone finsh the quest?

Atbash this for where I am at. I'm struggling for that next step.

R gzpv gsv vczxg ksizhv uiln gsv tznv, zh kvi gsv drprkvwrz vmgib uli Zwevmgfiv, zmw R gib gl vmxlwv rg fhrmt ZGZHXRR, dsrxs R rmgvikivg gl yv Zgzir'h Hgzmwziw Xlwv. R ivnlev zoo gsv hkzxvh rm gsv vczxg ksizhv, zmw R vmxlwv fhrmt lmob xzkrgzo ovggvih. (ZGZHXRR zmw ZHXRR hvvn gl yv rwvmgrxzo.) R szev girvw WVX, SVC, zmw LXG, zmw R gsrmp vevm YRM vmxlwrmt gvxsmrjfvh, yfg R zn tvggrmt ml dsviv. Zmblmv dzmg gl xlnnvmg dszg R zn wlrmt dilmt?

Bvk R'n wlrmt gsv hznv gsrmt. "xivzgvw yb dziivm ilyrmvgg" R szev zohl girvw qfhg Dziivm ilyrmvgg. Dszg ziv dv nrhhrmt?

Wl blf fmwvihgzmw dszg Vor nvzmg yb z nfogrkov lu 4?

Go wikipedia, scroll down until you see the big table for encrypting. There's a corresponding four-character (#s and letters) thing for every letter. Use that!

Actually, Penguin Fish keeps you from having to dig through 138 items.

Sorry, I'm just like that...


The "Final Keys" counts as one key.

Brady E did you solve it? I tried entering it from drprkvwrz ZGZHXRR gzyov (atbash).
Third time it worked. YEA!

Thanks! had to enter it two to three times before it worked.

Got it finally! I had a digit out of place from my encoding. Funny what one little number would do. Thanks for the hints that I was on the right path. Fortunately proofreading saved the day!

Eli I looked at the leaderboard and saw the valuable prize but wondering if you need to finish in the top 5 to get it? or is there something extra besides solve this Treasure quest?
Solved the quest but my number is not on the board. What do I need to do to get prize? another quest?

How do you claim the Jade key?

Mengland, you should be all set now. Anyone who completes treasure quest by May 31 will win the valuable prize, it's just not automatic. I've added the valuable prize for all 10 (!!!) players who have cleared treasure quest, and yes, the 12th key is the 'final key' badge. And let me say how delighted I am to see you questers passing encrypted messages back and forth in a public space! *sniff* So beautiful!



Thanks, Eli. It's been a lot of fun!

It has been tons of fun! It seems like just yesterday I found the Chrono Key.

I feel like we should have a library treasure quest puzzler meetup or something. Anybody interested?

I concur. I think it would be kind of fun to meetup.

How do you find the key code? Any hints?

It would be really cool to see all the people who play Treasure Quest.

Shreeman, which key are you stuck on?

I'm stuck on the Jade Key. It's so frustrating because everyone seems to have gotten past it and I'm the only one who hasn't.

Just Google the last four words of the riddle, and you'll out where that line from. The rest of that whole line is the code.

I was able to find all the keys, the easter egg and the treasure but still haven't found the item that holds the copper key. I am drawing a blank on the e l k part. Any hint?

Shreeman, I don't know if you were able to solve the jade key code. Here's the hint. Wiki has the exact phrase. It's a monstrous clue if you like to dwell in the dark. You'll be surpriZed by what you find in this game.

Try searching for "copper key" on the aadl catalog.

Thanks, guys. I got it. Now for the Crystal Key...

Thanks, Morgsush. It was so simple. I don't know why I never thought of that :(

In order to get the Secret Shop Tokens, do you need to complete all of the treasures, or do you just need to unlock all of the keys? I have gotten all of the keys, but not all of the treasures, and I haven't gotten the Secret Shop Tokens.

Thanks, Eli! These were tons of fun. Can't wait to see what y'all have planned next.

there's a deadline?!! that's just great. now i'll never get the prize

wow. did whoever created treasure quest just use one book?

Thanks, Eli! This quest was a lot of fun.

I'm so glad you hardcore questers had fun! It was a blast to put this game together, and of COURSE, the whole thing was inspired by the wonderfully fun final key item, that's why there's that big clue back at the beginning of the game!

As far as the deadline, don't worry about it; if you were here questing during the release period, you'll get your full prize for solving the final riddle. The thing to know is that when Summer Game 2012 starts, treasure quest will still be available to summer game players, and players who finish it during summer game will get a much smaller prize than you guys.

So, hang in there; Summer Game 2012 is on the way!


Any hints on the jade gate? I don't get the four by phil part.

The title has the word "four" in it, and it's by someone whose name can be shortened to "Phil".

status: still searching for first code. looking for: chrono boolean minimoog etc. book. correct searches?

Bookbird, look for text on the first treasure quest post other than the poem/riddle. Searching the names of the keys & treasures is not going to get you anywhere, unfortunately. Another idea is to Google the names of the three keys of this quest, whose names are found in above comments.

thanks cherylo! code then fake item right? or are the THREE codes and items this time? :)

thanks cherylo! code then fake item right? or are the THREE codes and items this time? :)

Three keys, three gates, and then a little more. Unless I am forgetting, there were no fake items this time. They all reference actual materials that relate to the source material plot bunnies. (Note: "plot bunnies" is just a silly way of referring to plot contents; it is in no way a hint of any kind.)

BTW: I am curious. Who managed to finish the quest without having read RPO? Anyone? If you have not read it, I highly recommend the audiobook version. It is meta and awesome, even though the book is arguably as misogynistic as the era it celebrates.

I didn't read RPO, and I finished the quest.

so if we did not manage to finish treasure quest before the start of summer game, we won't get the tokens?

cleared the copper gate! should I take the ' out of hack'r and put hacker? still related to ready player one right?

hack'r is a clue that will help you spell one of the key's search terms right. The fish part of that line should help you figure out who we're talking about. Good luck, you're doing great!


i don't know what's wrong. found the one on guppy, but when i entered the name JD,CC, or the full name for JD full name CC, not working

I finished and I'd never even HEARD of RPO, let alone read it. But had heard and knew some about most of the items referred to by RPO and this quest.

I just realized. riddle, aadl item, THEN code. silly me :)

The SecretShop tokens are given out after all Treasure Quest keys are collected, correct?
I'm pretty sure I've collected everything....yet nothing has credited. Is this happening to anyone else?

i got the treasure! but still have all the others not finished. i know its the wrong place to ask, but can anyone help me figure out the chrono key gate code? It seems very unlikely that there will be many skilled people commenting on that forum/whatever you call this (except eli)

Bookbird, think about finding quotes relating to what the gate riddle says....then see what Og says about it.

sorry ompopp, but i meant the thing about blaze, i guess i wasn't clear enough. The deadline is approching and i really want THREE/ all of, the secret shop tokens (not a minor prize), and i am trying to work on several keys at once so i can finish before summer game begins. stressing. so now i think i will ask for assistance on some other key. i already entered the gate code for nearly all of them (exception: boolean key, maybe because math and math related are not my forte. didn't even get the key code), now i need to CLEAR the gate. And everything else. i think that maybe the final key was easier than the others, despite of there being more riddles.

now i think the stress is helping me, because i got the chrono treasure. i will skip the boolean key and proceed to the minimoog. format? in catalogue, correct me if i'm wrong

wow. i just found the gate item in the catalogue. a case of giving up, looking for help, and succeeding a few minutes later without help

as usual, I'm having problems with crypter s again. i typed the music scolar and the last words, no luck.

these days i'm averaging about one code a day. (three days data) maybe i'll get more over the weekend

I know this isn't the right place to ask, but I need some help on the treasure code for the Iron Treasure. The Usegi Checkerboard is just so confusing; I don't even know where to start. I can't find enough information on the web about the Usegi Checkerboard.

problem with iron key gate riddle. think i found the honorific. don't know how to translate
also, as i've posted on the minimoog forum(that's what i call it, unless some one has a better name), stuck on treasure code. found nothing on GF's cryptogram/no mention of it on wiki

Bookbird, I left you a hint in the minimoog key thread, and Shreeman, if you look closely as always at the gate item for the iron key, you can find a BIG CLUE on how to set up the checkerboard.


i already got the chrono, GSV, and 2-demensional. need all others. thanks for the hint.

If you didn't hear, there is an actual treasure hunt in RPO! Prize is a Delorean.

I did not need another puzzle hunt to obsesses over. I do not need a Delorean. But, I am not sure I can resist!

Until when will the Treasure Quest codes still be valid?

:edit: oops nvm

I've finished Treasure Quest for a few days now, but I haven't gotten the Secret Shop Tokens yet. Is there anything else I'm supposed to do?

I clicked on the Secret Shop Tokens Leaderboard, but it said "No scores found."

That is so weird! I tried it too but it didn't work.

Maybe Eli's just updating it...

Tree64, you're all set, sorry for the delay! And the Secret Shop Tokens leaderboard is now working, thanks for letting us know about that, guys. Thanks for playing, and keep 'em coming!


Go to the staff leaderboard and look at ejk's points. :)

Darn, I missed this one because of school =/

thanks eli

I just finished READY PLAYER ONE, and I have to say, IT'S THE BEST BOOK EVER!!! Wow, there are so many reference in Treasure Quest from that book and '80s culture. If you're still doing Treasure Quest and you're stuck on one of the Final Keys, BE SURE to read this book. IT'S INCREDIBLE!

I'd have to agree with Morgsush here....I literally spent 2 hours this morning and 2 hours yesterday morning NON STOP reading this was way addictive.
I absolutely loved the's now actually my favorite book :)
Plus it really helps on Treasure Quest, as Morgsush says.