Treasure Quest in the home stretch with the BELGIAN KEY!

The BELGIAN KEY just might be the WEIRDEST ONE YET! With only one key still to come, and Summer Game 2012 just over the horizon, KEEP QUESTING!

~~~~~     THE BELGIAN KEY APPEARS!     ~~~~~~

Look Closely!
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the BELGIAN KEY appears before your eyes, you hear a Russian Children's Book Author say:

Once upon a time there was a boy without a stitch;
depending on the legend, he was poor, or he was rich.
The legends say the boy endeared himself to a whole nation,
by simply saying what he thought of war, through micturation.


Note: in the thread below, Questers are sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


I am having absolutely no luck with the gate item, even though I am fairly sure of what I am looking for. I mention this just in case this is a catalog problem and not a failure on my part. Thoughts?

Same here...

yep...same here

there was a catalog bug, but it's fixed now! Happy hunting!

Do you have to have correct punctuation to solve the key code?

There is no punctuation in game codes. You do need to use the right conjunction for this one though!

yea I guess so.

Does that mean I need to find the flemish and?

Nope, use the and you know and love.

Does the picture of the horned god in the gate have to do anything with the treasure code?

It does, actually. If you search the name of the cipher on google images, you'll find the horned god.

How do you combine the two codes for the treasure code?

As always, there are big clues to be had if you look closely. There's a huge one in the gate image, it should answer your question!


is the place where found two names? how to type it in?
need help with the code #1
do I type the / and the rue de?

Try thinking less French, more Dutch.

there are so many versions. i should just go with the dutch translated from french. should i put "and" and "/", which is in the given location+ translation

You do use "and", but there are no punctuation marks in the code.

wow, it's been awhile since i looked at this key. forgot that i accidentally found the gate before the key. now i need the key. using wikipedia, which gave two areas. now i used google translate to get english, but it's not working. i translated correctly and put everything in the code box. no punctuation, SarahRose. had the and. wonder what's wrong

are the waffles supposed to be a clue?

well, this key involves both waflles and Japan. One of the places waffles and Japan intersect is a very big clue for this key.

does that help? =)


Think of a place known for its waffles. :)

That is a pretty big hint Morgsush gave.

actually, i was thinking of the key code, which i didn't get. i already have the gate and treasure, no key. i tried entering different versions of the junction in wikipedia, but no sucess. i just know that it's translated to english, no punctuation, and has and

Funny how this key was actually indirectly related to what I was talking about with my friend the other day....she's from that country. :)

That is so cool! Does she know about the statue thing?

If she does, she should try playing Treasure Quest. It would be a great opportunity to introduce Treasure Quest to her.

Yeah. If I were her, I would be really amazed that it is famous to all treasurequest players.

haha. Treasure Questers, UNITE!

the key is so cool! Me love Belgian waffles

Now, now, marisal, you don't want to pull a Pendergast. *wink* (For anyone who understood that, congratulations.)

What is a pendergast? Is it another fusion of words??

Just read RPO, I think it's on page 65 or 66. It's near the bottom of the page (I think, but you might a different version of the book than me).

I have a paperback book.

I also have the paperback. Read my comment at 2nd badge drop. I worry that I will read it to shreads, since I like to read a lot. You know what would be a great shop item? Having my books covered with the special plastic that protects library books. No worries on dying corners. :D

For the shop, I wish you could buy a book for like 3000 points or so.

What if the book's not one you like?

No, you pick a book. Like when you finish the summer reading game (paper) and get to pick a book.

That would be so cool!! They could have an online ticket and then you can pick a book from the catalog to get!!!! ^o^

That would be AWESOME! or any other word for very good x10. Amazing, spectacular, wonderful, stupendous!

Edit for previous: They had already picked out books from you to pick from for the Classic I meant. Strange how we can't edit the comments from before

That is kinda weird. Maybe it is because you would usually catch your mistakes sooner or something.

I get it.

I really like the idea since you can get 50 points for editing.

I thought they changed it?

Really? When did they change it?

recently, maybe in the last few days.

Yeah, I edited my comment and I didn't get 50 points for it.
It was probably within the last week (I was gone last week).

I didn't get any points, either.

I'm pretty sure they changed it so people can't just cheat and just press edit (without actually editing their comment) for points.

That would be really dumb.

Like someone just spamed for points on purpose.

I am glad they changed the editing thing but it would be better if you could delete comments (since my computer is super slow and I sometimes end up with two of the same comments if I click the save button again and then I have to think of something to replace that comment).

I know how you feel Smiles. If only we could delete comments...

How about everyone contacts the AADL Staff with that request? *wonder what their doing right now besides the usual(excluding Summer Game)*

Haha. Just watch eli get bombarded by questions. (BTW grammar mistake. It's they're, not their.)
I'm going to ask them now.

No need to bombard, guys! We're aware of the issue and are working on a solution, but it is slightly more complicated than some of the other changes. For now, the best thing to do is be patient when posting a comment and wait for it to just go through before trying to submit it again if your computer is slow. That's what browser tabs are for!


Just asked them! :)
I hope they don't think it's rude, especially when we've asked them so many times before (but they never answered)...

BOMBARD!!!! No, I'm joking. I'm sure that AADL will fix it. :)

No need to make the team feel nervous, guys (I think they responded asap when they saw the word bombard).

Re: Smiles
Haha so true...
I guess they have to make players actually get 50 points removed from their accounts when they delete a comment.

Nah, the word bombard didn't scare us. I just happened to be looking at the comments when that one came in and wanted to let you guys know that we are working on it since it seems to be a pretty big source of frustration.

Re: andrewjmac
Are you sure bombard didn't scare you? *wags eyebrows* :)
It IS frustrating.

What did you mean when you said that it was slightly more complicated than the other issues?

I hope it is not too complicated for the staff. It shouldn't too difficult since the website's technology is really advanced (hints, clickable badges,etc.).

It would be really nice if they could fix it though.

I guess you could just get rid of those duplicated comments if you could delete comments.

But they said that this was a complicated issue and that we have to hang in there until then (in other words, be patient with the save button).

And Wait, and open another tab to comment on something else, read. wonder what's more important than preventing cheating? More badges? BOMBARD! Sorry, you all used it.

I would fix the mistake, but I can't, don't know why the option's gone. Staff?

I emailed eli, and they said they were working on it (but it probably won't be changed this summer game).

Oh. That is a little disappointing.

Well, at least next year it will be better.

Yup, can't wait to see next year's Summer Game!

We'll probably have twice as many points next year.

Haha. And hopefully twice as many players.

And twice as many codes.

Twice as many badges. :)

Twice as many events. :)

Twice as many competition for the top. :)
I don't know how these two comments happened. I also think that if you have a two in a row comment, they will let you edit it.

Twice as many competition for the top. :) Did you think of THAT, Morgsush?

Re: Bookbird
Twice as many...items in the shop?
I probably won't be that into Summer Game next year... It's exhausting trying to keep first. Maybe I'll just stay in the top ten. Or twenty.

(Grammer Nazi! It's actually twice as much competition for the top.)

Spelling Nazi says....grammAr. ;-)

Capitalization Nazi says....grammar!!!

Grammer Nazi says... Es ist "für wen", nicht "für who.”

Punctuation Nazi says, "See? The comma goes OUTSIDE the quotation marks and the period goes INSIDE."

Caps Lock Nazi says...GRAMMER!

This is fun. XD

What is Grammer Nazi? I am trying for top 20, maybe for all years.

I'm definitely not going to be as... competitive next year. Trying to stay first is too much stress and work (and if you know me, I am actually a pretty lazy person). I'll still play next year, but just try to stay in the top 10. Or 20.

Yeah, I noticed that they let you edit after two comments, but ONLY if they were duplicated.

Just Google Grammer Nazi.


What's weird?

The definition.

Grammar Nazis are people (or cats) who use their freakishly and/or annoyingly powerful understanding of and compliance with grammar and spelling to attempt to "correct" others, usually the blissfully-oblivious-to-the-outside-world members and users of the Internet, who only understand the grammatically genocidal text-speak.

I see nothing wrong with it.


Um. I don't think cats can communicate with us (unless mewing like crazy when they have an empty food bowl).