With the release of the TWO-DIMENSIONAL KEY, there are now only TWO Treasure Quest Keys remaining! Summer is almost here, KEEP QUESTING!


Look Closely!
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the TWO-DIMENSIONAL KEY appears before your eyes, you hear an English Headmaster's voice say:

To make its nature clearer to you, you who live in space:
if there were one dimension less, it'd be a different place.
It's by another A2, one of Queen Victoria's reign,
Find this book, but handle gently... lest you break your brain.


Note: in the thread below, Questers are sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


Quick note for you hard-core Questers... we had a brief bug with this month's exceptionally long treasure code... but it's now fixed! HAPPY QUESTING!


I'm stuck on the gate riddle, it doesn't make sense at all!

It looks like you have figured it out since you posted, though, according to the leaderboard as of now.

Status: looking for the item. book? most likely. about? ship. unconfirmed. help wanted? yes please

The current weather has me thinking about the 2012 summer game, new badges and catalog quests, etc. I feel so temporally displaced.


You're right... It took some time on Wikipedia, but I eventually figured it out.

Finally got it!

Summer Game 2012 is up! YAY!

This is gonna be so fun!

I can't wait "Anly"!

MORE confusing name stuff! :P



Hehe maybe we can bring Jessica (Z) into this somehow.

Sadly, Jessica Z doesn't play as much as we do.
Also, she has a public profile, so people can see her real name.

Yeah but people wouldn't know which one is hers (unless they look through every single click-able username).

Her username has her first initial and last name already, so I think people would know.
Such an original username...

Now that someone *co--morgsush--ugh* told everyone, they would know who it is.

Well, she doesn't play often, so it would be weird to bring her into this.

Yeah. Then she might get mad at us or call us stalkers or something.

We wouldn't be stalkers necessarily, but she might call us obsessed with Summer Game (which obviously we're not).

Yeah. I am obviously not obsessed since I am not on here 24/7.

I'm not on here 24/7, either (though I did see a couple of *cough* your comments at *cough* 11pm. Who's obsessed now?).

Sorry but I was bored so I checked the comments.

Sure, *bored* (in other words obsessed).

Not true!! Oh you should look at the title of this one manga book--Yuqing and I were laughing really hard because of the picture on the cover.

What book was it?

I don't remember, it was near the beginning of the teen manga section. I think it was something like lovely com.

Oh! You mean Love Con? What volume was it?


Oh. *looks up the book on the catalog and stares at the cover*
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow, that's a ridiculous cover!
Trying to imitate it ==>*wink with one hand cupping face*

In Love*com, the girl isn't cupping her face. Somehow, it just looks so funny... I can't believe it is on shojo beat...

You guys remind me of Parzival and Aech in RPO. Funny. Also, 11pm!? WHAT KIND OF PARENTS DO YOU HAVE!!!! Mine would never let me go that late, even when I explained it was for a 'good' cause. shop, but I was thinking of the leaderboard. Getting more obsessed with it this summer.

Just checked 2011 leaderboard. I was higher than you Morgsush!

11 pm... Wow. I wish I could do that.

I have to get really lucky x10 if I'm to get that late.

Most times the latest I do it is 9:00-ish.

I think 2011 scores will be like nothing compared to 2012 scores.

Sometimes, when my mom is taking a shower, I sneak in a comment or gamecode.

Oh same here! and other times, like when they are outside. As long as they don't lock the computer.

When my mom is outside, I read (manga).

Re: Bookbird
But now I'm first! :)

Yes.... * slightly jealous* You weren't very interested last year were you? I wish I had as much free time (again).

How do you get that many points???

Re: Bookbird
Yeah, I didn't really care about it last year (and I didn't have as much time)...

Re: Zhengyang1022
I have a lot of free time. :)

Wow, Morgsush, your points quantity shot up once you came back. Did you play while you were gone because it seemed like you got points during that week (or maybe I was just imagining things?).

Yeah, it seems you got like 35,000-ish points in one day.

It is almost scary how quickly Morgsush gets points. *shudder shudder*

It is scary. *shudder shudder*

Oh, I asked JZ to "watch" my account.
Once I got back, I just went on a points-frenzy. I spent 3 hours on the computer, but I got all of the badges (the 35,000-ish points was probably on Saturday, the day I got back and the day I got all of the badges).

How is it scary? It's called determination and lots of free time.

Well, I don't think many people get THAT many points in a day (I sure don't) :) Does 'watching' mean looking at the Leaderboard?

For the record, if you look at the leader board for today only, Ivy is at the top with 40,000+ points. Which means she earned 40,000+ points just today. It was probably because of the badges.

Who's Ivy?

What does "watching" mean? Did you tell her to make sure you didn't drop to #2? *joking*

Re: Zhengyang1022
I dunno. Just someone I saw on the leader board for yesterday. She got 40,000+ points in ONE DAY.

Re: Smiles (Even if I did, it didn't work. I was in second when I came back from the camp.)

40,000 points. That's almost like you.

Almost? Excuse me? On that day I only earned 9,000 points.

ONLY 9000 points.

Most days I get less than 9000 points.

On ALL days I get less than 9,000 points.*

*excludes badge drops and point frenzies

What's a point frenzy? 3 hours on a computer?

See? If Smiles gets points frenzies, then she MUST be obsessed.

I've only earned 3,000 points today.

Actually, you've gotten about 4000 points today.

Sheesh, who's counting (not me, *cough* Zhengyang1022 *cough*)?

Ah, a funny conversation to distract me from firework popping outside. To make Morgsush happy, simply drop the points obsession topic. Smiles, find tons of proof on if Morgsush has points obsession. Other? Other.

I think we should drop the points obsession topic, so everyone's happy.

Good idea!

Let's just say everyone in the top 10 on the leaderboard in obsessed. If you don't like that, just ignore this comment.

So that means you're obsessed?

I suppose.

If I'm obsessed, that should mean you're super obsessed or something.

Hey! I am not.

Yes, you are.


We should have a vote to see whether Morgsush is obsessed or not.

Wait Morgsush, you used to be called Sushi? But that's Justin L's nickname...

Why does Clague like sushi so much?(AG team for elementary was sushi^2, FYI)

I dunno. That team was named after Sushi (Justin)

Justin was the best player, so...

I guess the appropriate name would be sushi or something like that.


Huh? Does sushi mean something else other than a yummy, delicious thing?

Sushi means Justin.

Uhh... Does that really mean Justin? Does it mean that your friends were calling you "Justin"?

*sigh* You know what I mean Smiles...
Sushi is Justin's nickname.

Drop the sushi topic now? and of course Morgsush wanted to drop the obsession.

I agree, we should drop the sushi topic, because we are a LITTLE off topic...

As I said before, just a LITTLE. Just a TINY, MINUSCULE, bit off topic.

Yup! Just a TINY SMIDGE off topic...

Anyway, off our "small" topic. Anyone read any good books? :D