Treasure Quest is back with THE GSV KEY!

We've gone from Summer to Winter, and Treasure Quest just KEEPS ON MAKING IT HAPPEN! Here's the December Key Drop: The GSV KEY!

~~~~~     THE GSV KEY APPEARS!     ~~~~~~

Look Closely!
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the GSV KEY appears before your eyes, you hear a smooth and caring, yet artificial voice say:

There's a fiction author who writes Scifi with an M.
In his books, there's nothing scarce, yet each is quite the gem.
Twice he took a title from TS's Poetry;
Look within the Waste Land and you'll find what holds this key.


Note: in the thread below, Questers are sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


Were the issues punctuation or merely length? I am starting to wonder if I need to read the novel(s) in question before I understand which name(s) are needed. I plan to read them anyway. (By the keep giving me new things to read in the searching for these quests. And I already have too much to read. ;-)

The codes are fixed now, cherylo! Punctuation is automatically stripped from the codes you enter so you don't need to worry about getting it right or wrong, but you're right that in this case, it was because a code was used that was much longer than any previous codes! Very clever! You should not need to actually read the items involved to solve the puzzle, although you should, because they're awesome; but as with all the other riddles, there's enough out there on the web that you should be able to piece it together without reading the book. HAPPY QUESTING QUESTERS!

haha! funny, but in a very good way.

Ugh! I have three very long names and not one of them works.

stuck stuck stuck I have no idea how to combine the key and the gate none!!!
Do you need to read the books to understand?

method what method?

No, you do not need to read the books. There are a couple of key words/phrases in the riddle about how to combine the key and the gate. If you google those words, you will find your way to a common, well-known encryption protocol. The thing that tripped me up for a while was forgetting that the key code is longer than I thought!

sigh! thanks I thought it would help but I'm no where close to solving this thing and I can't figure out why.
I have tried many simple past ciphers and blowfish but no luck. I wish I knew where I was going wrong.

Wow, I can't even get to the key item. I got to the other ones super quick; even the last one.

Any hints?

One thing that may be throwing you off; if you found the key code during the weekend when you could see it on other player's pages (for shame! =), even though you could enter that code as shown and receive the points, it was not the entire key code. If you try to use that as the encryption key, you won't get the right result, so make sure you've found the entire code by verfiying the Full Name against some web page somewhere....

nope I searched and searched for the full (30 or something characters long yes?) name. I have tried the full name on many different encryption sites bu no luck.
I have tried past paper encryptions too and still I can't figure it out. I know it's me I'm missing something.

Yup, I think you're not working with the full key. It contains 46 letters. Make sure you follow the treasure riddle's directions on preparing the codes for encryption!

Nope working with full key 46 letters starting with J ending with F
no cheating. no looking at anyone's answer
just not getting it

did you find the 77 nets?

no. I'll try it but so far google search came back with basketball?

it's more a clue to confirm that you've found the right encryption tool. You'll know it when you see it!

ahhh! I found net 77 still not working!

lower case! lower case, that's all I needed. not cut and paste.
do not copy and paste it does not work.
thanks for the hand holding I needed it.
yea! lower case

To find the key item, you might start by googling the words on the key.

Ok, thanks.

I tried that. I think I got the "author" part, but not the "with an M" part, and I got TS and all that, but I still can't find it.

The riddles are still in the same format, correct? Like a big box that says "Treasure Quest: Key Riddle" (or Gate Riddle) on the item that's real, and then the gate is on the item that's not real.

If you have the correct author, the M is explained on his official web site. Assuming you do have the correct author, the riddle narrows the possible key title to two. That's info a succesful quester Banks on.

M is the author's middle initial. Sometimes it's included and sometimes it's left out.

The riddles are still in the same format.

The item takes it's title from the same sentence as the words on the key.

Thank you, cherylo and SarahRose. Finally got it.
Weird how I solved the key riddle in about 3 minutes, but it took me one week to figure out what the key item was, with hints.

Just something I noticed, I can't reach my player page. I'm logged in and everything.
So I can't enter the code....I think that's a problem. I've tried multiple browsers as well.

Try clearing your cache, or even rebooting your computer? If all else fails, try entering the code from a library computer next time you are in a branch.

Hmm, I did both, still doesn't work.

Quite peculiar.....
I guess I'll have to go to a branch then.

Ompopp, you don't need to visit a branch to get this fixed, I can investigate. Can you just email me at and let me know your player name or number, and I can figure it out? Thanks for your patience!


I get a 500 Internal Server Error when I try to get to My Player page too. (I click "My Players" on the sidebar, and get the error)

Hmm, now it works. How odd.
Thanks for all the hints, they helped when I was stuck, and I got the correct code after combining the key and gate on the first try.

Is the new key riddle coming out?

Yup, it's coming before midnight! Stay tuned ompopp!


Who does Stargazer fly for? I can't figure it out!

you know, maybe it should have been "stargazers fly". Does that put your search in a different class of results? Make sure you're not casting your net too widely; the whole riddle is within one Culture.

i don't know how to "encrypt the gate" I also got blow fish for the tetradon*****

Sounds like you know exactly what you're looking for encrypt the gate, Jingcong! Just keep an eye out for those seventy-seven nets, they'll tell you if you're on the right track....

Got it!


Good job!

Thanks! :)

Did you finish Treasure Quest yet? Or are you working on another key/gate/treasure?

It is really hard so don't give up!

The prize is worth it. :)

A whole lot of points and a secret shop token. :)

You make it sound like it's worth a lot--a whole lot of points (that you can't really use right now) and 1 secret shop token.

this is using what i used before, same order

anyways, i have the boolean,minimoog, and iron gates to go, and the belgian key.

Uh... I don't understand your message...

The Boolean gate is up again, so you can see the riddle now!

That's good. How do you know?

I emailed eli about the missing gate.

Bookbird, I tried decrypting it but the message that came up was gibberish.

use bacon, then atbash. hence the: this is what I used before, same order
don't comment on it. I saw the close up of the gate. I thought it was the answer.

That is way too complicated for me.

*mind hurts*

Have you read the Gentlemen's Alliance? It is really funny because whenever Haine uses her brain to much, she gets a fever! LOL!!

I think that happened to me after I did the Algebra 1 test. :(

Really?!? It seemed really cute that she would get a fever (in the book) but it doesn't seem so cute in real life. So weird...

Is it a graphic novel?

Seems like it... (Cute in the book but not cute in real life?)

I think so. I'll see if AADL has it.

Yes, it is. :)

Hmm... Maybe I'll read it?

so we go from codes to books

It's still related to the library...

nearly everything we write about is related to library, learning.

I suppose.....

Books are related to the library, right?

any help?

we get secret shop tokens for completing the treasure quest, right?

Yep! You get one token for completing Treasure Quest.

and more for doing points o matic

You get 9 for POM*.

did you see the person with 135 tokens? that was stange

There seems to be lots of glitches with POM and secretshop.*
*See previous comment.

Yeah, I once had over 500 (but the staff corrected it)...

soo you don't have tons of tokens to spend anymore

I have 6 to spend.

That's still a lot.
Wait..... you actually got to buy things that are good in the secretshop???

I got the Adventure Time stuff. :D

Adventure Time... I don't really get that show...

It is very awesome if you get, and very childish and silly if you don't. I get it, Smiles doesn't.


You see, when I watch Adventure Time, all I see is a cosplay square headed dude and a talking dog. Burning marshmallows and super gross snails/slugs. Not really that awesome if you ask me.

You see, what you just used to describle Adventure Time IS an example of it's awesomeness.

Slimy slugs with so much fat it makes them look like a mountain? Puke green slime so thick it's like tar??? You call that AWESOME?!?!?!?!?!