Treasure Quest continues: It's the MINIMOOG KEY!

We're already one third of the way through TREASURE QUEST, and with each key more challenging and more valuable than the last, it's still EVERYBODY'S QUEST! Remember, if you've got questions, or you're stuck, talk to the other Questers here in this thread or ask a question, you never know what might help!

~~~~~     THE MINIMOOG KEY APPEARS!     ~~~~~~

Look Closely!
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the MINIMOOG KEY appears before your eyes, you hear a Cantata and these words:

Before Walter was Wendy, Rachel helped to make a disc,
with tech not so well-tempered, every take was quite a risk.
They took the work of JSB and Robert's Keys and Tools;
then switched it on, and laid it down. The output simply RULES.

Note: in the thread below, Questers and sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


Does this key still involve the gate item being non-existent? If not, I'm stuck.

Hey smv, it's like the other challenges; the key is hidden in a real item in our catalog, and the gate is hidden in a fake item in our catalog. Keep digging!


Is that a doorknocker?!?

I think cryptic hints are cryptic, but what do I know? Claude may like red fish, but I'm not sure if it's a herring or a trout.

I think I'm on the same page as cherylo....I've got Claude set and the part about Claude....but I'm not quite sure what to do with him....or the rest of the riddle.

And I think I have the right cr****g***....but I have no idea how to use it to get the code.

It's not Claude! As Yoda said, there is another. And if you find the right one, it is the code!

but I tried Gabriel too!

Well, when there is more than one version, try the simpler one.

Hmm, it does look like a doorknocker. Now I'm really confused.

Wait, it IS a doorknocker! I looked up "doorknocker" and that thing came up in Google Images except in a different color.

I have tried 4, 5, 12, AND 18 character versions of cgrams for Gabriel. There is some trick I am missing, so I'm not finding "simpler" to be very simple. IIRC, the clue entry is case-insensitive; is there whitespace or other separation involved? I am assuming not, but I am definitely wrong about something here. Also, I am stumped as to how the doorknocker figures.

Any clues about the certain cryptogram? Not entirely sure I have the right one........

I'm stuck at the gate clue. I have entered different forms of Gabriel and nothing. Stuck! any hints anyone would like to share?
I already took a closer look and found "doorknocker" does not help.

I never noticed the doorknocker, so if I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about whatever it's supposed to mean. Make sure you encrypt Gabriel's first and last name (12 characters).

Thanks! I tried that hours ago must have entered it wrong. Being banging my head againist the wall all day trying to find the answer.

Huh, I would have sworn I had already entered that too, but I guess I was a little short. >=^)

Same with me. I guess I messed something up or something.

And the doorknocker did not help...I spent half my time trying to figure out what it was hinting at.

re: doorknocker: I still don't know what that's about. lol!

I wish I had intended the doorknocker as a red herring, as it would have been a good one apparently, but it's just there because gates have handles? But here's a clue for those of you who are stuck: There are a million ways to encrypt something as general as what you're trying to encrypt; so which one would I have picked? Instead of trying to encode it yourself, look for a list of famous ones in a place known for having such things, and you'll find the canonical cryptogram.

Also, all game codes are space and case insensitive, so don't worry about either of those. And omit any punctuation!

What's the gate?

will the points really one day be able to be used as shop items?

YAY i got the clue!

Where's the new key?

...Attempting to be patient waiting for next riddle set and managing, so far... :)

I'm way late in joining this game and have no idea if anyone is still following the thread, but I am seriously stuck with the gate riddle. I have tried pretty much every cipher type I can find on Wikipedia. I've tried googling for famous ciphers. I'm banging my head against the desk. I have the composer and song but I cannot for the life of me figure out the cipher. I've even tried googling things like "music scholar's game" and trying musical notation type ciphers. Any other hint would be awesome. I've been working on this for about 9 or 10 hours now (broken up, not all at once) and am just stumped. Kind of frustrated because the first parts of this one I managed to figure out mostly on my own with only minimal help from the hints in comments, but not this part. I was all excited about getting in a rhythm and getting some of it done mostly on my own and now I'm stuck.

Help? Anyone? Thanks!

Okay... apparently it was a case of "go crazy looking, then ask for help, THEN find the answer". :P Or maybe just different day, different view on the clue. Got it in like 5 minutes tonight. *rolls eyes* Thanks!

I'm back from a long hiatus. And I know what you mean, vlong.

stuck on treasure code. nothing on GF's cgram

maybe look for a list of them somewhere on the web, he's probably on it.


i searched twelve tone and the bach's traditional 2nd, got cruciform thingy.
GF's, sogeto-something

transforming twelve-tone lines is hard. There are probably tools out there on the web to help you do it!


i think i've got the tool, which shows some sort of chart with letters, also known as a matrix calander. don't know how to get the code

Try searching for the cryptogram on Google, and add "tool"

It was really difficult but you get some big clues from the comments.

I solved most of the keys from the "post and solve" method. :)

post help solve before help is posted? and u mean the cross or the bmaocthif (i think u can figure out what that word is:). even if i tried both it would take time because of all the sites that have the words in it.

I think post-and-solve works because once a person asks a question, his/her brain tries to pre-process what the responses or answers might be, causing new ways of framing or thinking about the problem to arise. Really.

Hmm... You might be right, cherylo. That and they get help from fellow players. :)

Such of a complicated theory!!

I think I get it, but that kind of thinking 'melts' my brain so I need to put head down and rest. Same with complex math.

What's your definition of 'complex'?

Well....... Math with things like y=mx=b. I suppose 7th grade+, maybe. fraction multiplication. Surely that's enough?

You mean y=mx+b?

The slope-intercept form of a linear equation?

Probably. I have never seen the equation y=mx=b before...

But I've seen y=mx.

Or it could've been a typing error.

Probably a typing error. The + sign and the = sign are on the same key.

Lets just say it was y=mx+b, okay?

Sure. Then we can end this pointless conversation.

It's not pointless.

Fine. Maybe it is pointless.

See? You agree! It IS pointless.

Okay, I agree. It's not like it's super-important.

Yeah, we probably should end this conversation. It's going nowhere.
Anyway, interesting team name, Zhengyang1022. The square root of -1, huh? Of course, using imaginary numbers.

I like imaginary numbers. (Unless you have to find the roots of like x^3-1)

Imaginary numbers are fun since you can imagine what they would look like in a dress... *sigh*

??? *trying to imagine "i" in a dress*

That would be weird.........

Sorry, just got a little off topic there...

Just a LITTLE...
Because i's in dresses is totally relevant. *sarcasm*

But i's in SKIRTS... ;)

yes typo. now OFF this topic of math please.

Then what else do we talk about?

I don't know. Why are we even posting on the Minimoog key, anyway?

I have no idea...

I think it's because we want points for comments?

And no one ever looks in the keys for INTERESTING conversations?

BTW, does anyone need help with the Minimoog key?
Bookbird, did you finish this key?

Heehee. I guess we are obsessed.

I guess... *hehe*

So is this why you have a gazillion points? I was rather surprised to see this much activity on many of the Treasure Quest posts.

Yeah. That is pretty much why. I think the people who comment on the super old blogs have a lot of points from commenting.

I have about 30000 points for comments. :)

Wow! I have like 24100 points from comments... How do you get so many points?!?

Ask Morgsush.

Hehe... I have 78,000+ points from commenting...



well there's a lot of posts to comment on.... yes I need help with this one. stuck on treasure code

Argh... That one was so hard to find in finding an online tool to do... I kind of forgot... X(

Edit: I found it (I think)! Try searching for "Twelve Tone tool" on Google, and click on the first result. Then click on the Matrix Calculator, and enter in the notes! Remember to select "Traditional".

I did that, have the chart. Now what? The notes=gate code?

Yeah, the notes for the second inversion are the code.

any tips, help, clues?

With what?

the spammer again...... i typed in the things in the second row, not working

No i was trying to get 100,000 points for the super package. i only needed a couple hundred, so i was just commenting to get there.
all the badges i had left, i had no idea

and you copied your comments again. now I estimate that I have about 500 comments to go if I want the supreme comment badge. with about 10 days left. 50 comments a day! Yikes!

A little more than ten days, but sure. :)

I have to think about the days where there's less computer time you know......

I still haven't gotten (and probably never will) the rating and review badges.

What do you mean, you don't have ANY of them?

Whoops, I meant tag and review badges. I only have three of the review, and four of the tag.