Badge Drop #9: Copious Commentary!

WHOOOOOEEEEEE, Summer Gamers! Now that we're DEEP into SG Season, things are getting INTENSE!

This week we've got badges that will send you to the HIGHEST HEIGHTS — flying with noted night bombers, rooting out records in the final frontier, and even shimmying up a (bean)stalk for EPIC ADVENTURE!

But OF COURSE, that's not all! We wouldn't leave you hanging ALL THE WAY UP THERE, so we've balanced all of that out by GETTING DOWN (in a DEEP GEOLOGICAL sense) with one badge that is TOTALLY THE PITS!

2017 Badge Drop #9

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! We reassured you last week that WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! But we really really DO, and often your fellow gamers and library users do TOO (ESPECIALLY when you might be helping your fellow gamers DECIPHER TRICKY BUSINESS and earn MORE BADGES)!

So UP THAT CHATTER! Ramp up the remarks! Hit REPLY to add your voice to this thread, or the MANY, MANY others all about Summer Game and all the BEST STUFF happening at YOUR LIBRARY, and you will be richly rewarded with the COMMENT MASTER badges!

And... speaking of REWARDS... STAY TUNED for a shop drop later tonight!


Badge Drop #8: Let's Review!!!

PHEW! Summer 2017 has been CRAZY GOOD so far! Full of long days, warm nights, and that odd, rarely-seen kind of weather that consists entirely of HOT, SUMMER SUNSHINE!

Honestly, the SUPERIOR QUALITY of this summer has us a little bit blown away! Never before have we experienced a summer so EXHILARATING, so POIGNANT, so SWELTERING HOT and RIDDLED WITH CONSTRUCTION. We deliberated for days, thought long and hard about where we could go to release our MANIC SUMMER ENERGY in an orderly and wordy fashion. Now, FINALLY, we've figured out the PERFECT PLACE to unleash our TIRADE of POSITIVE COMMENTARY about how good, exhilarating, poignant, sweltering and riddled our summer has been so far: RIGHT HERE IN THE LIBRARY CATALOG!

Please, we know you're shocked, but for goodness sake, contain yourselves.

2017 Badge Drop #8

Unlike your postman, your bus-driver, your boss, or your pregnant friends, WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!

Did you just read a book that knocked your socks into the stratosphere and left you with a burning desire to tell the world about your SPACE-BOUND SOCKS? Find that book in the catalog and WRITE A REVIEW! Is there a terrible movie that UNJUSTLY STOLE 120 minutes of your summer? DEMAND THEM BACK with some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM! Got a really awesome story about how your DOG once did a ROUNDHOUSE KICK like CHUCK NORRIS? Save that GLORIOUS GEM for your postman, because IT'S NOT ACTUALLY A REVIEW and will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help you earn those prestigious REVIEW MASTER BADGES!

If you find yourself OPINION-LESS, not to worry! This week's drop is bringing you plenty more SHINING NEW BADGES for you to LAY JUDGEMENT upon!

Thanks for telling us what you think and THANKS FOR PLAYING!!!

Badge Drop #7: Tags! You're it!

HOLY MOLY, SUMMER GAMERS! Now that you've shown some SUPREME STARPOWER, gotten ON BOARD, and sought out the SPECTACULAR, what MORE SUMMER FUN could POSSIBLY be LEFT?!?!? You might imagine that your STELLAR performance had STUNNED all of us here at SGHQ into silence.

FEAR NOT, intrepid players, because we've taken a deep breath, wracked our respective brains, and want to assure you that there's still ONE MORE MONTH of curious clues, hectic hunts, and scintillating searches to go!


We've got a BUSHEL of BEWILDERING BADGES dropping today, awaiting the quick wit and calculated cunning of YOU, the most SHREWD SUMMER GAMERS!

Whether your interest is piqued by CHROMOSOMES or CRYPTOZOOLOGY, or whether you'd rather hunt for BIGFOOT or a DUMBO OCTOPUS, we've got a badge for YOU! We've got TOWERS, DRAGONS and even a little HEAVY METAL!

2017 Badge Drop #7

So SNAP TO IT! Grab those badges, rack up those points, and move on up that leaderboard by tackling this week's contributor trophies and tacking TAGS onto your favorite items in the catalog!

We're extending some GO GET 'EM enthusiasm to you — TAG(s)! YOU'RE IT!


Badge Drop #6: Stars in our Eyes

WHY, you may ask, do we here at Summer Game Headquarters (SGHQ) have STARS IN OUR EYES? We're so BLOWN AWAY at you STELLAR players and the SUPREME STARPOWER you've shown us so far in Summer Game 2017!! Want to know just how STELLAR is STELLAR? Then let's get out our telescopes and take a look at the ASTRONOMICAL numbers you've all racked up so far:

6,037 PLAYERS have received
50,407 BADGES and entered
310,980 CODES to earn them
104,819,074 POINTS!


Since you are all doing such a STELLAR job, we thought we'd give YOU a way to start seeing stars like we are! How will we do that? WITH THE PREMIERE OF THE STAR MASTER SERIES, THE FIRST OF THIS YEAR'S CONTRIBUTOR'S TROPHIES!!! Just rate your way through everything you've ever read, watched, and listened to to make your way to the coveted title of SUPREME STAR MASTER!!

But don't worry, we didn't get so lost in STARGAZING that we forgot to make a whole CONSTELLATION of other badges to keep you busy all night long! What ELSE have we got? Keeping with this week's theme, we've got an all-new Ann Arbor Stories badge all about ANN ARBOR'S ASTRONAUTS! There's DESSERTS and DESERTS! REBOOTS and BOOTIES! AND we've got FLAGWAVERS, the very first Level 4 badge of the year that will REALLY teach you what a Level 4 badge is all about!

2017 Badge Drop #6

With a little luck and a lot of ratings, you could ROCKET up to the top of the leaderboard! Now get out there and SHOOT FOR THE STARS!


Badge Drop #5: Badge Drop Spectacular!!

Happy Summer Game Spectacular Eve, everyone! This is the day BEFORE the day we have all been waiting for! Tomorrow is the SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR at VETERANS PARK!

There's gonna be points! There's going to be jaw-dropping, hair-raising AERIAL ENTERTAINMENT!!! There's gonna be GIANT GAMES - Tumble Towers and Connect 4 and CHECKERS! There's gonna be metal detectors AND METAL TO DETECT! There's gonna be FACE PAINTING, PHOTO BOOTHS, and FRIENDS - with FRIEND CODES!!!! HULA HOOPS! BUBBLES! FOOD TRUCKS! There will be PEOPLE, PLACES, AND THINGS! All the nouns! All the verbs! Adverbs, even!! Yes! Excitedly we tell you, also, POINTS!

But of course, that's all happening JULY 15.

And here we are on JULY 14. It's only Summer Game Spectacular EVE! You probably won't be able to fall asleep tonight thinking of the AMAZING SUMMER SPECTACLE awaiting you on Saturday from 1-4 pm. So, since you've got some hours to kill before the POINTS-AND-FUN-BONANZA that will be the Summer Game Spectacular, here are some BADGES FOR YOU!!!!

2017 Badge Drop #5

So badge it up, beloved Gamers! We'll see YOU tomorrow at Veterans Park. Bring suncreen and friends with you to the Spectacular, but no need to bring extra AWESOME, we'll have PLENTY of it there for you.


Badge Drop #4: Drop til you SHOP!

The world is full of pesky price tags, but we believe that there are some things in the world so BONKERS AWESOME that money just can't buy 'em! Like SPACESHIPS, SUPERNOVAS, SHINY POKEMON, BASICALLY ALL CATS and a whole mess of other things that are PRICELESS and IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH!

You see, here in the Official Summer-Game-Bubble-of-Bonkers-Awesomeness (working title) we don't think you need to have FUNDS to have FUN, so put away your wallets! Toss out your tender! Because NOW for a LIMITED TIME ONLY you can feast your eyes on this excellent selection of deluxe edition, top-of-the-line, high quality, grass-fed, free range, featherlight, waterproof, weatherproof, whatever-forever-and-ever-proof BADGES!

2017 Badge Drop #4

For the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING these beautiful badges could be YOURS, shopper! Branch Explorer Badges are on SALE for just ten quick-and-easy payments of ZIPTY-TWO doubloons! Monsters and majestic cakes and high-flying females are half-off of ZILCH MONIES! And this fine selection of Spectacular Event Badges that you can get just for horsing around outdoors at our SUMMER GAME SPECTACULAR on July 15th, well those are ALL ON CLEARANCE and you can have 'em, you clever bargain-hunting haggler, you, for just BUPKIS PLUS TAX!


This Friday also marks the momentous and much-awaited SUMMER GAME SHOP OPENING DAY--an event that is SURE to happen at a RANDOM FUTURE TIME that has yet to be determined but might almost certainly possibly totally be TODAY!

So earn yourself some POINTS, then point yourself toward the shop (or the Get Started page if you're a newbie) for AMAZING AADL PRIZES!


Badge Drop #3: Raindrops Keep Falling on our GAMES

We here at Summer Game Headquarters have been raising out periscopes periodically this afternoon and have repeatedly discovered a disturbing fact: IT'S RAINING. Now we are not, as a rule, anti-rain here. Some of us rather like it (puddles and coolness and lifegiving), and most of us prefer it to awful, oppressive heat. But it can be a bummer when you're in the middle of a thing called the Summer Game to not have anything even resembling summer weather. But instead of letting it stop our fun, we decided there's just one thing to do: BADGE DROP!

See, rather than let the rain get us DOWN, we decided to step UP and we've spent the last few days creating--nay, CRAFTING the FINEST set of badges in at least a WEEK!! What kinds of badges? Oh, just your usual assortment of STUPENDOUSLY INTERESTING and DEEPLY ENTERTAINING badges!! We've got some HOT SPRINGS and some LADIES WITH SNAKY HAIR. We've got some DELICIOUS BREAD and some GREAT MICHIGAN INVENTIONS. Some GHOSTLY PHOTOGRAPHS and some UTTERLY UNNECESSARY SEQUELS. AND AND AND (if it ever stops raining) we've got the very first ever ANN ARBOR STORIES WALKING TOUR badge and the first of this year's ARBOR EXPLORERS: Ponder Barton Dam! TAKE A LOOK!!

2017 Badge Drop #3

So until this rain lets up, get to work on these shiny new badges! And don't forget to tag/rate/review everything you've ever loved/hated (hopefully mostly loved) in the catalog! And when the DROPS DO STOP, get out there for the walking tour and check out Barton Dam! And, rain or shine...


Badge Drop #2: IT'S OVER!

THAT WAS QUICK! I can't believe summer has come and gone already!! Seems like JUST LAST WEEK that we were dropping the first badges of summer! Well, GREAT JOB, everyone! Happy Summer Game! See you in 2018 and...


*checks calendar*

Oh dear.


Guess with ALL the excitement of last week, with the BADGES and the A2CAFs, and the CODES CODES CODES on BUILDINGS, and BANNERS, and BUSES, we got a little ahead of ourselves. LUCKY FOR US, the ol' AADL badge factory never stops working! So here you are, Summer Gamers, another set of HOT and FRESH BADGES!!!

2017 Badge Drop #2

Explore the catalog! Ride TheRide!! Visit the branches!!! Listen to Ann Arbor Stories, the ABSOLUTE BEST local history podcast that AADL has EVER sponsored!!!! Just SUMMER GAME IT UP IN EVERY WAY!!!!!

Oh wait, are you new? HI! You're just in time! Head over to our Get Started page to get your Summer Game on!


Badge Drop #1: Summer Game 2017 ARRIVES IN STYLE!!!

There's something to be said for being FASHIONABLY LATE, don't you think? Up here at Summer Game HQ we usually take our PUNCTUALITY pretty seriously. ON THE DOT? We INVENTED the phrase! RIGHT ON TIME? That's a thing people say to us with ALMOST NO SARCASM on a SEMI-REGULAR BASIS! TARDY? WHAT EVEN IS THAT? Is it a snack, a drink, an app--how could we POSSIBLY know when we're ALWAYS SO ON TIME!!!

But there's just something COOL and SLICK and STYLISH about making a GRAND, GRATUITOUSLY BEHIND-SCHEDULE entrance to a party... SUMMER GAME 2017 is KICKING DOWN the door to this party at HALF-PAST NOT-QUITE-THE-RIGHT-TIME O'CLOCK!!!

We'll pick that up later. Right now it's time to pick up this other thing we're putting down: SOME FASTIDIOUS and FASHIONABLE BADGES!!

2017 Badge Drop #1

You've waited LONG ENOUGH and THERE THEY ARE, so get into it, gamers, and start digging for those POINTLESS FACTS so you can win those NOT-POINTLESS POINTS! If you're new to the Summer Game, head over to our Get Started page to get your feet wet!

Now off you go! You don't want to be LATE, do you??? Then start the clock and GO!!!!


Summer Game 2017 - Let's-a Go!

Okey-dokey, here we go! Time for SUMMER GAME 2017!!!

Time for codes and badges and points and reading and exploring and all around LIBRARYING EVERY WHICH WAY YOU CAN! This year's Summer Game is HOT-HOT-HOT with more things to do than ever! Wondering how you can get going? How about:

-Visit every AADL location and collect the copious codes! Westgate, Malletts Creek, Pittsfield, and Traverwood all have 10 codes hidden around the building, Downtown has 15 codes PLUS every building has a BIG code on the banner outside (all banners are going up as we speak)!

-Head to the AADL catalog and get tagging, rating, and reviewing everything you can think of!

-Leave a comment on any post on (this one included)!

-Read books, watch movies, listen to music, anything at all! Remember, you get up to 1000 points a day for every minute/page you read, watch, or listen to! It all counts!

-Start getting started by starting with our GETTING STARTED series!

Getting Started

Ready to go? WAHOO!! If not--if you don't even have a clue what this Summer Game biz even Summer Game iz--don't worry! Head over to the Get Started page to learn how YOU can join in on the fun and start earning points to spend on AMAZING PRIZES in the Summer Game Shop opens in July!

Let's do this! Do your best to top the leaderboard! Number one! Hoho!

(By the way, this post has at least 8 quotes from a certain video game hero. If you're looking for another place to start your Summer Game, try searching the catalog for the solo outing he has coming out later this year!)

Thanks for playing! Way to GO!

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